What kind of web browser is Netscape Navigator?

What kind of web browser is Netscape Navigator?

Netscape Description. Netscape Navigator is a web browser spawned from the Mosaic platform and slightly resembles Firefox in its functionality and features. There is tabbed browsing, bookmark organizing, RSS feeds, search engine management and possibility to add Mozilla extensions.

What’s the rating of Netscape 4.7.2 for Windows?

Pick a software title… to downgrade to the version you love! Netscape 4.7.2 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings.

How much RAM do I need for Netscape 4?

Netscape 4 added many features over previous versions, and represented a major change. However, 4.0x was much more resource intensive, and early 4.0x releases were very buggy. Officially it required a minimum of 8MB of ram, however 16MB or more is advised.

Where is the share button on Netscape Navigator?

The Share button inside the address bar connects you directly to Netscape.com. Highlight content from the page and hit Share. The content becomes a summary, in a box that just needs a few tags to be submitted to the collective.

How much does Netscape Internet service cost per month?

Netscape ISP is a 56 kbit/s dial-up service offered at US$9.95 per month (US$6.95 with 12-month commitment). The company serves web pages in a compressed format to increase effective speeds up to 1300 kbit/s (average 500 kbit/s). The Internet service provider is run by AOL under the Netscape brand.

What was the name of the company that sold Netscape?

AOL renamed the Netscape Communications Corporation to New Aurora Corporation, and transferred the Netscape brand to themselves. AOL sold the former Netscape company to Microsoft, who in turn sold them to Facebook.

What kind of programming language did Netscape create?

Netscape is credited with creating the JavaScript programming language, the most widely used language for client-side scripting of web pages.