What kind of replacement parts do Bachmanns use?

What kind of replacement parts do Bachmanns use?

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Who are the owners of the Bachmann group?

We look forward to welcoming you there! BACHMANN is an owner-managed company with a global presence in the electrical engineering sector. With around 800 employees, the BACHMANN Group develops, produces and markets innovative electrical components and systems such as intelligent power distribution units, desk connection panels and assemblies.

How can I download the Bachmann train catalog?

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What do you need to know about Bachmann online?

We will shortly provide the BACHMANN online presence to visit us digitally. Family-led for three generations – made and shaped by and for people. This is BACHMANN. Known in the electrical engineering industry as the premium provider of designer sockets, intelligent PDUs and digital solutions.

What’s the temperature for a Bachmann M1 controller?

Designed for the toughest ambient conditions, they guarantee fault-free operation with fanless installation from -40 °C up to an ambient temperature of +70 °C. State-of-the-art system architecture designed for seamless networking capability enables the M1 to be integrated easily in the area of the controller and system peripherals.

What kind of CPU do I need for a Bachmann controller?

Individual requirements can be met easily with a wide range of powerful CPUs based on industrial (Pentium) processors and with an extensive range of I / O modules. Real-time capable bus systems enable the automation to be decentralized without any loss of performance.