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What kind of guitar is a Cordoba guitar?

What kind of guitar is a Cordoba guitar?

Córdoba guitars are designed in the Spanish tradition — resonant, lightweight and handmade. Varying from 1/4 to full size and with many color, tonewood, style and cutaway/electric options, your dream nylon string guitar is just a click away.

Where can I find a tambora for sale?

Originally used in African ceremony, the drum crossed the Atlantic with slaves who fashioned instruments from used rum barrels as a reminder of home. You can find new and used tamboras for sale on eBay.

What kind of music does a tambora play?

In recent merengue music, the tambora is used as a background instrument while congo drums and guiras, similar to maracas, take the lead. What accessories are available for the drum?

What makes a tambora sound like a conga drum?

The skins come with or without hair. Bolt-tuned: The third and newest type has a rawhide conga with wooden or meal rims to hit as filler for rhythms. If properly struck, it sounds like a wood block. It can also be tuned to higher pitches, creating a sound similar to the conga drum.

What kind of guitar is Cordoba fusion 5 limited?

The perfect choice to transition from a steel string to a nylon guitar, the Córdoba Fusion 5 Limited features exotic Bocote back and sides, a full body with cutaway for extended range, side dot fret position markers, and a pearl decal rosette and arches.

Which is the best guitar to buy in Spain?

Cordoba Guitars. This guitar is handcrafted by talented luthiers in Barcelona, Spain, and it really shows in the attention to detail. And make no mistake – it sounds as good as it looks. For learning or travelling guitarists, a great option to look at in the Cordoba lineup is the La Playa Travel Half-size guitar.

Is the c7-ce a good guitar for beginners?

Featuring a solid Canadian cedar top and rosewood back and sides, the C7-CE adds a soft cutaway and Fishman Preamp to its sister model, the C7, and is a wonderful choice for beginner or intermediate guitarists who want to play on stage or record.