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What kind of defence products does Rheinmetall make?

What kind of defence products does Rheinmetall make?

Rheinmetall Defence products set the global standard for excellence in a wide array of disciplines: from vehicle, force protection and weapon systems to infantry equipment and air defence, and from network-enabled warfare capabilities to electro-optics and simulation technology.

What kind of Business is Rheinmetall electronics?

Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH delivers mission systems and simulation solutions to military, governmental and commercial customers. The company has been in business for many decades and belongs to division Electronic Solutions within the Defence sector of the Rheinmetall Group.

Where does Rheinmetall get its radar systems from?

18 Dec 2020 Rheinmetall and IAI/ELTA to supply Hungary with advanced radar systems 24 Nov 2020 Rheinmetall unveils its new Mission Master – Armed Reconnaissance system: enhanced situational awareness and frontline fire support

Who are the members of Rheinmetall in Canada?

Rheinmetall Canada is a proud member of Germany’s Rheinmetall Group, one of Europe’s foremost supplier of defence and security technology.

How does Rheinmetall’s naval technical equipment simulation work?

Rheinmetall’s Naval Technical Equipment Simulation is an innovative system, which connects the original automation systems to the simulator. It replicates all major shipboard technical and utility systems, while it mathematically replicates all methods and parameters, as well as their constant system-dynamic calculations.

How does the Rheinmetall live training system work?

The LEGATUS® system allows monitoring and recording of outdoor and indoor movements and activities of all players (e.g. soldiers, civilians, vehicles) throughout the exercise area in real time. Vulnerability of combat vehicles, buildings and people players outside and inside buildings can be simulated realistically.