What kind of dance classes are at Peridance?

What kind of dance classes are at Peridance?

Peridance Capezio Center offers adults dance classes in many styles, including Ballet, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, Tap, Body Conditioning, House, Salsa and African Based, in all levels from absolute beginner to Advanced.

Can you wear a bandana to Peridance dance class?

Peridance will not accept bandanas, masks with vents, t-shirts or other garments tied around the face, or gaiter neck wraps as appropriate mask coverings, as they are not secure and may fall while dancing. Students will be allowed into the building 10 minutes before their scheduled class time.

Where is the Peridance Theater in New York City?

Rooted in the Union Square area, in the heart of New York City, Peridance Capezio Center is housed in a beautiful landmark building on 126 East 13th Street, featuring spacious, sprung and column-free studios and the Salvatore Capezio Theater, available for rentals, showcases and performances.

Is there a coffee shop at the Peridance Center?

The Center’s robust amenities also include a coffee shop. The Center is home to the acclaimed Peridance Contemporary Dance Company and its affiliated Peridance Youth Ensemble.

How old do you have to be to take Peridance connect classes?

Make sure you are in a place with a good internet connection–otherwise, the stream may skip! Connect Online Classes are for Ages 13+. We also have summer sessions for Children & Teens, Global Summer Dance. Your live-stream link can only be used once, so please do not share with other students.

What do you need to know about Peridance online classes?

Peridance will offer workshops, international collaborations, daily drop in classes, and more. We are opening up virtual space to create movement and dialogue between teachers and students while connecting our wide network of international faculty and guest artists.