What keyway is Sc4?

What keyway is Sc4?

Schlage Sc4 6 Pin C Keyway Depth Keys Code Keys for sale online | eBay.

What does SC1 mean on a key?

If the bow has straight sides and a triangle-shaped top (like a house), you probably have a KW1 keyway. If the key is diamond-shaped (narrower at the top and bottom and wide in the middle), you probably have a SC1 keyway. However, some aftermarket keys use the same bow shape, regardless of the keyway.

What are lockout keys for?

To use the key, simply slide it into any Kwikset lock, and push sideways on the bow of the key which will easily break it off and leave the teeth of the key locked inside blocking other keys from entering. …

How do I know what type of key I have?

In most cases the key number will be stamped on the front of the lock next to where the key enters. In some cases the number may also be stamped on the original key.

What does SC mean on a key?

Scroll Lock (⤓ or ⇳) is a lock key (typically with an associated status light) on most IBM-compatible computer keyboards. Depending on the operating system, it may be used for different purposes and applications may assign functions to the key or change their behavior depending on its toggling state.

What are SC1 keys used for?

The SC1 Keyway provides an avenue through which consumers can experience the convenience of patented SmartKey® technology, which allows locks to be rekeyed without taking the lock off the door or hiring a locksmith, and without worrying about lost or unreturned keys.

What are different types of keys?

Types of Keys in DBMS

  • Primary Key.
  • Candidate Key.
  • Super Key.
  • Foreign Key.
  • Composite Key.
  • Alternate Key.
  • Unique Key.

How are keys made unique?

Generally keys are created using “codes” where a number represents the height of the peaks on the key. So given say 5 pins with say 10 different height possibilities you’re looking at 10^5 unique possibilities. You can then add another dimension of complexity by putting ridges on the sides of the keys.