What is vPro in a laptop?

What is vPro in a laptop?

Intel vPro is a brand name for a set of Intel technology features that can be built into the hardware of the laptop or desktop PC. There may be a PC with a Core 2 processor, without vPro features built in. However, vPro features require a PC with at least a Core 2 processor.

What is vPro?

The Intel vPro® platform is an integrated, validated platform with built-in features for performance, security, manageability, and stability. You’ll get a PC that delivers business-class performance, hardware-enhanced security features with Intel® Hardware Shield, and PC fleet stability right out of the box.

Can vPro be disabled?

on intel motherboards you can disable it in the bios by disabling intel amt. if you dont have an intel motherboard you should contact your motherboards manufacturer for instructions on how to disable vpro on their boards.

Can vPro be enabled?

The system has to support Intel vPro platform as a requirement to enable or disable the capability. Refer to your OEM/motherboard vendor to see if the Intel vPro option to enable or disable is available in the BIOS.

How do I know if vPro is enabled?

Enter the processor number in the search box located in the upper right corner. Click to navigate to the processor specification page. In the left column, click Advanced Technologies, or scroll down to that section of the page. See the Intel vPro® Platform Eligibility in that list.

How do I enable vPro on my Dell?

Configuring BIOS Settings

  1. Launch Dell Command | Intel vPro Out of Band.
  2. Click Client Configuration > BIOS Settings.
  3. Make any changes to the BIOS settings for your client systems.
  4. Optionally, select task processing options:
  5. Click Next.
  6. Search for client systems to which you want to apply the BIOS settings.

How do I use Intel vPro?

Access an Intel vPro-enabled device right from your BeyondTrust Rep Console. Start a secure BeyondTrust remote session (unattended and attended options). View the device at the BIOS level, below the operating system. Take action to resolve the issue, including power on or off, reboot to BIOS, re-image, and more.

What does Intel vPro do to a computer?

Intel vPro is a management platform built into Intel processors and other hardware that allows companies to manage their desktops and laptops out-of-band (OOB). That means the computers can be managed no matter if the computer in on or off, and even if the operating system has failed or there is no hard drive present.

Where can I find VPRO in my laptop?

A platform of hardware and firmware, vPro technology is found in a wide variety of devices. In terms of notebooks, vPro is found in thin-and-light business laptops and 2-in-1s, mobile workstations, and high-end gaming hardware.

What does VPRO stand for in Intel AMT?

Other systems coming which will support the Intel AMT features yet may not be “vPro” label. The key item I see with vPro and Intel AMT (Active Management technology) is extending the reach for client mgmt to “out of band” – in that you can manage a system if the operating system is dysfunctional.

What does VPRO stand for in it category?

With vPro™ technology – designed and developed by Intel®, the renowned processor manufacturer – you can ensure that your IT department is able to keep up with data demands and help your business maintain a competitive technological edge in an ever-changing, constantly evolving business environment.