What is the value of a five pence coin?

What is the value of a five pence coin?

The British decimal five pence (5p) coin – often pronounced five pee – is a unit of currency equalling five one-hundredths of a pound sterling. Its obverse has featured the profile of Queen Elizabeth II since the coin’s introduction on 23 April 1968, replacing the shilling in preparation for decimalisation in 1971.

How much is a 1991 5 pence worth?


Krause number KM# 937b
Denomination 5 pence
Currency rate 0.05 GBP = 0.07 USD
Year 1991
Period Queen Elizabeth II (1982 – 2021)

How much is a 2003 5 pence worth?

Mintage, Worth:

Year Mark Value, USD
2003 PM $ 0.64
2002 PM $ 0.48
2001 PM $ 1.05

What is the value of a pence?

A milled-edge 5-pence coin is worth . 05-pound sterling. The rate of exchange is constantly changing, but it’s comparable to a penny in U.S. dollars. It’s basically 1/20th of a British pound, which is similar to a dollar in U.S. currency.

Are there any rare 5 pence pieces?

One desirable variety is a 5p with monkey design from Gibraltar. This monkey 5p features a cute Barbary macaque on the back. Another Gibraltar 5p piece shows a Gibraltarian flower called the candytuft. Again, some rare 5 pence coins from Jersey made their way to the UK; these have a tower design on the back.

Are there any rare five pence coins?

2015, Mintage 163,000,000. 2008 coins are known to exist with 180 degree die alignment (i.e. the reverse is upside down compared to the obverse). These coins are quite rare.

How much is a 1990 5 pence worth?

Mintage, Worth:

Year Mintage Value, USD
1992 453.174.000 $ 0.15
1991 724.979.000 $ 0.18
1990 1.634.976.005 $ 0.23

Are 2 pence coins rare?

A rare two-pence coin has become very sought-after by collectors. The coin first entered circulation in 1989 and has been selling among collectors for more than a decade. It’s considered ‘valuable’ because it was the product of an error, The Mirror reports.

What two pound coins are valuable?

The ten most rare £2 coins

  • Commonwealth Games – Northern Ireland (2002), Mintage: 485,500.
  • Commonwealth Games – Wales (2002), Mintage: 588,500.
  • Commonwealth Games – England (2002), Mintage: 650,500.
  • Commonwealth Games – Scotland (2002), Mintage: 771,750.
  • Olympic Games Handover to Rio (2012), Mintage: 845,000.