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What is the value of 1977 Silver Jubilee coin?

What is the value of 1977 Silver Jubilee coin?

25 pence
1977 Crown 37,061,160 Silver Jubilee Crowns were minted in 1977 to celebrate the silver jubilee of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. The face value, which is not marked on the coin, was just 25 pence. This value belittles its impressive size of 38 mm by 3 mm however.

How much is a 1977 Elizabeth II coin worth?

How much is the 1977 Silver Jubilee coin worth now? The coin’s face value was 25 pence.

Are silver jubilee coins legal tender?

According to UK law, all coins made by The Royal Mint are classed as legal tender, whether they are commemorative coins or those in circulation. Banks, building societies and shops are NOT obliged to accept commemorative coins – and never have been – as they are not circulating legal tender.

How much does Queen Elizabeth coin worth?

The coin’s front shows Queen Elizabeth II, while the reverse shows a Candian maple leaf. The coin is 50 centimeters (about 20 inches) wide and just over an inch thick. The coin was sold at auction in 2010 for 3.27 million euros, or just over $4 million at the time.

Are silver commemorative coins worth anything?

Although some silver Classic Commemoratives can be very scarce and valuable, other Classic Commemoratives are quite affordable, even in high grades. It is no wonder that this interesting series has steadily gained popularity over the years.

How many silver jubilee coins were made in 1977?

In fact, 36,989,000 cupro-nickel coins were made, and a relatively fewer 377,000 silver coins were issued. The 1977 Silver Jubilee coin is one of only four decimal British crowns to be struck. Its major specifications are:

What makes a 1977 Jubilee crown worth more?

Like all coins, your 1977 Jubilee crown will be worth more if it’s in mint condition. If the coin has been well used, is damaged or marked in some way, this is likely to reduce its value. As the 1977 Jubilee crown was produced as a commemorative coin, it was often issued in a case or box.

When did the British pound coins go out of circulation?

They are part of the predecimal and withdrawn Pound Sterling coins series. The Royal Mint started issuing these 0.25 British Pound coins in 1977. They were withdrawn from circulation in 1977.

Why do people like to collect jubilee coins?

Commemorative coins, especially jubilee coins, are popular to collect. These types of coins are made to symbolize a specific day and event. Because they’re designed to commemorate something, they’re often something people like to collect to remember specific points in history.