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What is the value of 10k ohm resistor?

What is the value of 10k ohm resistor?

This shows the value of resistance lies between 90Ω and 110 Ω.

How do you measure 10k resistance?

What’s the 10k resistor color code?

  1. The first band is brown as it stands for 1.
  2. The second band is black which means 0.
  3. The third band – multiplier x 1 kΩ – is orange.
  4. The fourth band depends on the tolerance – so any color is possible for tolerance band.

How do you calculate 1k resistance?

Coding a 1k Ohm Resistor

  1. Step 1: Identify the first and second significant figures. For the number 1,000, the first significant figure is ”1”, and ”0” is the second significant figure.
  2. Step 2: Count the number of zeros after the first two significant figures.
  3. Step 3: Code the numbers with colors.

What is the resistance value of black red red?

The fourth band (or 5th for the 5-band and 6-band) indicates the tolerance values. Here, two colors are added (gold and silver)….Resistor Band Colors.

Color Value
Black (2nd and 3rd bands only) 0
Brown 1
Red 2
Orange 3

What is the cost of 1k resistor?


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What does a 1k resistor look like?

1 K Ohm colors are – Brown – black – red Here is the color coding chart to determine the resistor values Resistors with four bands are > 1% tolerance resistors. Resistors with 5 band are 1% tolerance resistors. First three bands determine the value of the resistor.

What does a 10k ohm resistor look like?

What does a 10K ohm resistor look like? A 10k ohm resistor has 4 color bands: brown, black, orange, and gold for 5% tolerance, respectively. A 1k ohm resistor has 4 color bands: brown, black, red, and gold for 5% tolerance, respectively.

What does a 1K ohm resistor do?

Commonly used in breadboards and other prototyping applications, these 1K ohm resistors make excellent pull-ups, pull-downs and current limiters. These thick-lead versions of the resistors fit snugly into a breadboard with very little movement, so you should have few to no issues using them in your next project!

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What is the tolerance of a 10K resistor?

The 3rd band in the case of 4 band resistor band represents the multiplier ( and 4th band in case of 5 band resistor represents the multiplier ). Tolerance can be +-. 2 %. 5 %. 10 %. 20 %. 1) If the bands on the body of the resistor are red, red, orange and gold, then the register value is 22 *10^3 and its tolerance is 5% that is 22 kΩ +- 5%

What are the colors of a 10K ohm resistor?

10k / 10k ohm Resistor Colour Code. Value. 10 kΩ. Type. 4 Band Colour Code. Colour Code. Brown, Black, Orange, Gold. Multiplier. Orange, 1000.

What’s the last band of a 10K resistor?

The multimeter reads slightly more or less the value of the actual 10k resistor color code. This is because the 10k resistor color code last band tolerance value reads as a gold band which is 5%.