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What is the timeline of WW1?

What is the timeline of WW1?

Timeline of World War One

Chronology and Events of WW1
Serbia appeals to Russia for help 24th July, 1914
Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia 28th July, 1914
Germany declares war on Russia 1st August, 1914
Germany declares war on France 3rd August, 1914

What were the 5 major battles of World War 1?

Major Battles Of World War I (WW1)

  • Battle of Tannenberg (August of 1914)
  • First Battle of Marne (September of 1914)
  • Battle of Gallipoli (1915-1916)
  • Battle of Jutland (Spring of 1916)
  • Battle of Verdun (1916)
  • Battle of Passchendaele (1917)
  • Battle of Caporetto (Fall of 1917)
  • Battle of Cambrai (1917)

What are the events of WW1 in order?


  • June 28, 1914. Archduke Francis Ferdinand is assassinated.
  • July 28, 1914. Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia, beginning World War I.
  • August 2-7, 1914. Germany invades Luxembourg and Belgium.
  • August 10, 1914. Austria-Hungary invades Russia.
  • September 9, 1914.
  • February 18, 1915.
  • April 25, 1915.
  • May 7, 1915.

What was the first battle in World War 1?

First Battle of the Marne
On September 6, 1914, some 30 miles northeast of Paris, the French 6th Army under the command of General Michel-Joseph Manoury attacks the right flank of the German 1st Army, beginning the decisive First Battle of the Marne at the end of the first month of World War I.

Who lost most soldiers in ww1?

World War 1 casualties

Entente Powers Population (million) Dead soldiers
Russia 164 1,811,000 to 2,254,369
Serbia 3.1 275,000
United States of America 98.8 117,000
Australia 4.5 61,966

What major event happened after ww1?

After the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, the signing of the Treaty of Versailles on 28 June 1919, between Germany on the one side and France, Italy, Britain and other minor allied powers on the other, officially ended war between those countries.

Which country fired the first shot in ww1?

The first shots of World War I were fired in Melbourne, Australia, on August 5, 1914. They were fired by a coastal artillery battery at Port Phillip Heads when the German merchant vessel SS Pfalz attempted to slip out of port before the declaration of war was made known.

What was the worst Battle of World War One?

The Battle of the Somme, One of the Worst WW1 Battles Ever. One of the most destructive events of the First World War, the Battle of the Somme was a 142-day campaign including a series of smaller battles. To the British, it is symbolic of how World War One was fought.

What battles were turning points in World War 1?

The battle of the Marne was a major turning point of World War I. By the end of August 1914, the whole Allied army on the Western Front had been forced into a general retreat back towards Paris. Meanwhile the two main German armies continued through France.

Was World War One worth it?

World War One was not worth it. Millions of lives that should not have been lost were killed due to a small revenge during World War One. There was a grand total of 37,466,904 causalities, including deaths and injuries.

What were the bloodiest battles of World War One?

The Battle of the Somme: the bloodiest battle of WWI. The Battle of the Somme (July-November 1916) was one of the major battles of World War I that was tremendously costly to both sides of the conflict, and neither side achieved a clear victory from it.