What is the purpose of a fillister head screw?

What is the purpose of a fillister head screw?

The fillister head has a slightly rounded top and tall cylindrical sides, enabling a deep drive slot for high driving force. This type of screw head is commonly used in counterbored holes. Machine screws are threaded fasteners that are typically used with nuts or drilled and tapped (threaded) holes.

What size is an m4 machine screw?

0.7 x 10 mm
EverbiltM4-0.7 x 10 mm Phillips Flat Head Stainless Steel Machine Screw (2-Pack)

What is an M2 machine screw?

The “M” designation for metric screws indicates the outer diameter of the screw in millimetres, so for an M2 screw, the outer diameter is 2mm. However, in practice the actual diameter might be between 1.9mm-2mm due to manufacturing tolerances.

What does fillister head mean?

: a slotted cylindrical screwhead with a convex or flat top.

What are machine screws used for?

Cap and machine screws are used to clamp machine parts together, either when one of the parts has a threaded hole or in conjunction with a nut. These screws stretch when tightened, and the tensile load created clamps the parts together. The setscrew fits into a threaded…

Why is it called a cheese head screw?

The head height is approximately half of its diameter and typically features a slot drive. The name cheese head derives from the similarity in shape and proportion to that of a wheel of cheese. Cheese head screws feature a deep head, which permits a deep recess, making them well-suited to a slot drive.

What are M4 screws used for?

Head Diameter: 8mm, Head Height: 3.2mm, Head Style: Pan. What is m4 size? Metric threads, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10 & M12 are commonly used. M4, for example, means the “standard” M4 thread size: for a bolt, the outside of the thread would be 4mm in diameter, and the spacing between threads (the pitch) would be 0.70mm.

What is the smallest machine screw size?

US Machine Screw Diameters

Size Nominal Thread Diameter
Decimal Nearest Fractional
#0 0.060″ 1/16″
#1 0.073″ 5/64″
#2 0.086″ 3/32″

What does fillister mean?

: an adjustable rabbet plane also : a rabbet especially on the outer edge of a window-sash bar.

What is a fillister plane?

The Sash-Fillister Plane is a special purpose rebating plane with a movable fence that is used to cut the glazing rabbet on the backside of a window sash mullion. Each plane includes a main cutter and a fore-mounted nicker which allows the plane to be used across the grain without tear out.

What is oval screw?

Oval – Oval head screws are chamfered at the bottom and designed to work just the same as flat heads. The only difference is that instead of a flat top they have a rounded top. The rounded top serves no purpose other than appearance since these screws are most often used for visible hardware and finishes.

What is fillister head?

Definition of fillister head. : a slotted cylindrical screwhead with a convex or flat top.

What is a screw head?

screwhead. noun. the head or top of a screw having a slot for the end of a screwdriver.