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What is the postcode for bongaree?

What is the postcode for bongaree?

Bongaree/Postal codes

What is the postcode for Bribie Island?


Postcode Suburb Category
4507 BRIBIE ISLAND, QLD Delivery Area

Where is bribie?

Bribie Island, island off the southeastern coast of Queensland, Australia, at the northern extremity of Moreton Bay. The island is 20 miles (32 km) long and from 1 to 5 miles wide and has an area of 59 square miles (153 square km). Its surface, generally low with some higher sand ridges, is wooded with cypress pine.

What is the postcode for sandstone point?

Sandstone Point/Postal codes

Who are the traditional owners of Bribie Island?

The Djindubari, also written Jindoobarrie or Joondubarri, were an indigenous Australian people of southern Queensland, whose traditional lands were located on Bribie Island. They are thought to be a horde or clan of the Undanbi.

Why is it called Bribie Island?

When a convict went missing, it was common to hear it said around Brisbane Town that he was, ‘Down with Bribie. ‘ This became’ ‘Down at Bribie,’ and so the island got its name.

Do you need a permit for Bribie Island?

You must purchase a vehicle access permit before driving on the following recreation areas: Bribie Island. K’gari (Fraser Island) and Cooloola Recreation Area.

What is the postcode for Bongaree, Queensland?

Bongaree, Queensland. Postcode: 4507. Latitude: -27.088. Longitude: 153.162. Locality: Northgate Central. State: Queensland (capital: Brisbane – 44km away)

Where is Bongaree in Moreton Bay, Queensland?

Moreton Bay. Bongaree is a suburb of Bribie Island in Moreton Bay Region, Queensland, Australia. It is located on the western side of Bribie Island, adjacent to the Pumicestone Passage. In the 2006 census, the suburb recorded a population of 6,524 people, with a median age of 62 years.

How to find the street names in Bongaree?

Street Map of Bongaree (Queensland), Australia. Below map you can see Bongaree street list. If you click on street name, you can see position on the map. Click on street name to see the position on Bongaree street map. In list you can see 123 streets.

What is the postcode for Bribie Island Queensland?

BRIBIE ISLAND Postcode (QLD) Bribie Island is a suburb of Brisbane, Queensland and is about 55 kms north-northeast of QLD’s capital city of Brisbane.