What is the postal code of Muizenberg?

What is the postal code of Muizenberg?

Muizenberg/Zip codes

What is the postal code for Capricorn Muizenberg?

Suburb Data:

City: Cape Town
State: Western Cape
Postal Code: 7945
Zip Code: 7950

What area is postal code 7945?

Western Region, Western Cape: Cape Town and Cape Peninsula.

What is the postal code for Manenberg Cape Town?

Manenberg/Zip codes

What is retreat postal code?

Retreat/Zip codes

What is Steenberg postcode?

Steenberg, Retreat, Western Cape , South Africa. – Zip Code: 7947 – Postal Code: 7945.

What is ottery postcode?

Ottery/Zip codes

Which suburb is Manenberg?

Klipfontein District (Old Cape Flats)

Suburb Street Code Postal Code
Mitchells Plain 7785 7789
Nyanga 7750 7755
Ottery 7800 7808

What is the postal code for Khayelitsha?

Khayelitsha/Zip codes

Where is Muizenberg in Cape Town, Western Cape?

Muizenberg is a suburb of City of Cape Town, Western Cape with a postal code. It is about 19 kms west-northwest of WC’s capital city of Cape Town.

What is the postal code of Cape Town?

Muizenberg, Cape Town, Western Cape , South Africa. – Zip Code: 7950 – Postal Code: 7945 View List of suburbs and postal codes of Cape Town View all the Cities of Western Cape

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