What is the population of Nagaon district?

What is the population of Nagaon district?


Geographical Area 2287 sq. km
Total Swipe to view 1892550
Literacy 71%
District Boundaries North- Bharmaputra River and Sonitpur District East- Golaghat & karbi anglong District West- Morigaon District South- Hojai & Dima Hasao District

How many Muslims are in Nagaon?

Population by district (2011 year)

# District Muslim population
22 Nagaon 1,563,203
23 Nalbari 277,488
24 Sivasagar 95,553
25 Sonitpur 350,536

Which district has highest population in Assam?

Assam Population Facts

Description Districts As per 2011 census
Most Populous District Nagaon 2,823,768
Least Populous District Dima Hasao 214,102
District with Highest Sex Ratio Baksa 974
District with Lowest Sex Ratio Dima Hasao 932

How many Muslims are in Dhubri district?

The largest religious group in the district are the Muslims, with 1,553,023 (80%) followers, while Hindus and Christians constitute 388,380 (19.92%) and 4,107 (0.21%) inhabitants respectively. After bifurcation, the Muslims are 73.49% of the population with Hindus constituting 26.07%.

Who is the MLA of Nagaon district?


Date of Birth 01-07-1972
Place of Birth Nagaon
Permanent Address & Contact No. Amulapatty, P.S. Road, Nagaon, Assam Pin-782001
Present Address & Contact No. Quarter No.-89, Old M.L.A. Hostel, Dispur, Guwahati-781006.

Why is Nagaon famous?

Located in the evergreen state of Assam, Nagaon is a beautiful place to be and it is home to the world-famous Kaziranga National Park. It is well-known for being able to successfully conserve the one-horn rhinoceros and many other threatened and endangered species.

How many Muslims are in Karimganj district?

56.36 %
As per official census 2011 and population data 2021 of Karimganj district, Muslim are majority in Karimganj state….Karimganj District Religion Census 2011.

District Karimganj
Population 1,228,686
Hindu 42.48 %
Muslim 56.36 %
Christian 0.98 %

How many Muslims are in Nalbari district?

35.96 %
As per official census 2011 and population data 2021 of Nalbari district, Hindu are majority in Nalbari state….Nalbari District Religion Census 2011.

District Nalbari
Population 771,639
Hindu 63.71 %
Muslim 35.96 %
Christian 0.06 %

Which district is best in Assam?

High Literacy

# District Literacy
1 Kamrup Metropolitan 88.71 %
2 Jorhat 82.15 %
3 Sivasagar 80.41 %
4 Cachar 79.34 %

How many Hindus are in Dhubri district?

Total population of Dhubri district is 1,949,258 as per census 2011. Muslims constitutes 79.67% of Dhubri population. Hindu are minority in Dhubri state forming 19.92% of total population….Dhubri District Religion Census 2011.

District Dhubri
Hindu 19.92 %
Muslim 79.67 %
Christian 0.21 %
Sikh 0.01 %

What is the population of Nagaon district in Assam?

Nagaon is a Tehsil / Block (CD) in the Nagaon District of Assam. According to Census 2011 information the sub-district code of Nagaon block is 02035. Total area of Nagaon is 362 km² including 344.28 km² rural area and 18.21 km² urban area. Nagaon has a population of 4,06,840 peoples.

What is the literacy rate of Nagaon district?

This child population figure of Nagaon district is 10.61 % of total urban population. Average literacy rate in Nagaon district as per census 2011 is 87.23 % of which males and females are 90.58 % and 83.76 % literates respectively.

What was the population of Nagaon in 2001?

In 2011, Nagaon had population of 2,823,768 of which male and female were 1,439,112 and 1,384,656 respectively. In 2001 census, Nagaon had a population of 2,314,629 of which males were 1,190,950 and remaining 1,123,679 were females.

How many development blocks are in Nagaon district?

Geographical Area 2287 sq. km Revenue Villages 960 Development Blocks 13 Khagorijan Pakhimoria Dolonghat Raha Panchayats 169 Local Bodies