What is the original birthstone for October?

What is the original birthstone for October?

October Birthstone. Those born in October enjoy two spectacular birthstones to commemorate their birthdays – opal and tourmaline. Both October birthstones have endless color combinations and beautiful coloring characteristics.

Why does October have two birthstone colors?

Tourmaline and Opal are the two birthstones of October. Tourmaline is available in a rainbow of beautiful colors but most often comes in a pretty pink. Opal gemstones are truly unique because each opal sparkles with a one of a kind color combination. Each opal gem is individual and unique like no other.

What does the October birthstone mean?

The October birthstone, the opal, symbolizes faithfulness and confidence. The word comes from the Latin opalus, meaning “precious jewel,” and from the Greek word opallios, meaning “to see a change in color.” Discover more about this month’s birthstone!

What is October’s birthstone name?

The Opal is the birthstone of October. The name Opal signifies ‘to see a change in color’ and may make one float off or wander off in fantasy land and imagine a rainbow appearing in the sky right after a summer rainfall. Ancient rulers prized the Opal mainly for its defensive forces.

What is the birthstone for October 10?

10 October Birthstone – Opal and Tourmaline. The folk who are born in the month of October are probably one of the lucky few who can choose between two different types of stones for their birth month. The stones that characterise births in October are opal and tourmaline.

What is the birthday stone for October?

Aquamarine was the traditional birthstone for October from as early as the 15 th century, as well as the ancient October birthstone in the old Arabic, Hebrew, Polish and Roman calendar .

What is the gem for October?

The other birthstone of the month of October is tourmaline. This is a gemstone that has a broad spectrum of colors. The quality of this mineral has been misidentified as being sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. There was a large tourmaline that belonged to Russian Empress Catherine the Great that was thought to be a ruby.