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What is the orbital distance of Mercury in AU?

What is the orbital distance of Mercury in AU?

0.387 AU
Perihelion and Aphelion: Mercury orbits the Sun at an average distance (semi-major axis) of 0.387 AU (57,909,050 km; 35,983,015 mi). However, due to its eccentricity of 0

Which planet is 19.2 AU from the Sun?

So in astronomical units, Uranus is an average distance of 19.2 AU.

What is the average distance between the orbits of Mercury and Venus in AU?

Venus is 0.722 AU. Mercury is 0.387 AU. But if you subtract Venus’s distance from Earth’s, what you actually get is the average distance between their orbits – not the distance between the planets themselves. Because the planets move at different speeds, they spend a bunch of time on opposite sides of the Sun.

Is the average distance from Earth to the Sun is 1 AU?

approximately 93 million miles
For general reference, we can say that one astronomical unit (AU) represents the mean distance between the Earth and our sun. An AU is approximately 93 million miles (150 million km). It’s approximately 8 light-minutes. More exactly, one astronomical unit (AU) = 92,955,807 miles (149,597,871 km).

Who first calculated the distance to the sun?

astronomer Aristarchus
Historically, the first person to measure the distance to the sun was the Greek astronomer Aristarchus around the year 250 B.C. He used the phases of the moon to measure the sizes and distances of the sun and moon.

How far is mercury from the Sun in AU measurement?

By employing the distance Mercury/Sun as the astronomical unit (AU), 36,000,000 miles, various advantages obtain. The commonly cited division between the inner and outer planets is then maintained, and patterns obtain that are relational to this apparent division in the solar system.

How much the distance between Mercury and Sun?

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun. Its orbit around the Sun is very elliptical, like a stretched out circle, compared to those of the other planets. Mercury’s distance from the Sun ranges from 28.6 million miles (46 million km) to 43.4 million miles (69.8 million km).

What is the mean distance of the Mercury from the Sun?

Mercury is the closest planet to the sun . Mercury ‘s orbit is not a perfect circle, so its distance from the sun varies. The minimum distance from the sun to Mercury is 28.5 million miles. The maximum distance is 43.5 million miles.

What is the Venus distance from the Sun in AU’s?

To put it another way, Venus orbits the Sun at an average distance of 0.723 AU , which ranges from 0.718 AU at its closest to 0.728 AU at its farthest.