What is the oldest high school in Waterloo Region?

What is the oldest high school in Waterloo Region?

Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate & Vocational School
Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate & Vocational School (or KCI for short) is one of the oldest standing schools in the area.

How many students are at KCI?

1,334November 2017
Kitchener Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School/Number of students

How old is KCI Kitchener?

Although it is most commonly referred to as “KCI,” Kitchener–Waterloo Collegiate & Vocational School began as the Berlin Grammar School in 1855. Now, 165 years later, KCI is truly an essential and integral part of Kitchener-Waterloo.

What is the best high school in Waterloo?

High Schools

Ranking Name of School Academic Score
1 out of 5 Bluevale Collegiate Institute 7.8
2 out of 5 Sir John MacDonald Secondary School 7.5
3 out of 5 Waterloo Collegiate Institute 7.2
4 out of 5 Saint David Catholic Secondary School 6.7

What is the best high school in Cambridge Ontario?

A Cambridge high school has cracked the top three in the Fraser Institute’s annual rankings of Ontario secondary schools. It lists Père-René-de-Galinée as tied for second with a Richmond Hill school.

What does KCI mean?


Acronym Definition
KCI Keep Customer Informed
KCI Kodak Canada Inc.
KCI Keyboard Communications Incorporated
KCI Kovacs Consulting Int. Gmbh

Is KCI a high school?

Kitchener–Waterloo Collegiate and Vocational School, commonly named Kitchener Collegiate Institute and referred to as KCI, is a public secondary school in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. The school dates from 1855, making it one of the oldest high schools in Kitchener and Waterloo.

What universities are in Waterloo?

University of Waterloo
Wilfrid Laurier UniversityBalsillie School of International AffairsGreat Lakes Bible CollegeWaterloo Bible College
Waterloo/Colleges and Universities

Does Kitchener have good schools?

Located at 270 Edwin Street, Kitchener’s highest ranked school is in the neighbourhood of Fairfield in North Kitchener. Its F.I. scores have always been high, and presently it weighs in with a solid 8.2.

How many schools are there in Kitchener Waterloo?

Each school in the area has it’s own story and it’s own unique offerings to students, so let’s explore what they’re all about. The Waterloo Region District School Board serves a student body of 63,000. They employ a staff of 7,500 to operate a total of 103 elementary schools and 16 high schools throughout the region.

Are there any Catholic high schools in Kitchener?

In this article we’re going to take a glance at secondary schools in Kitchener-Waterloo under the Waterloo Region District School Board. If you want to look at Catholic schools, you can see our overview of Catholic High Schools in Kitchener-Waterloo.

Which is the best private school in Kitchener?

Top Private Schools in Kitchener-Waterloo-Guelph. 1 Sunshine Montessori School. 10 Boniface Ave, Kitchener Images courtesy of Sunshine Montessori School About. 2 St. John’s-Kilmarnock School. 3 Rockway Mennonite Collegiate. 4 Blyth Academy Waterloo. 5 Hitherfield School.

Where is Bluevale high school in Kitchener Waterloo?

Their most interesting amenity, however, is their outdoor classroom. While most high schools go with the typical portable classroom units outside their main building, Bluevale decided to change things up a bit. Their campus now features a beautiful open green space with local plants and vegetation which has been set up for study purposes.