What is the name of the tequila from Kate del Castillo?

What is the name of the tequila from Kate del Castillo?

The tequila, called Honor del Castillo, is produced at a factory in Arandas in Mexico’s Jalisco state.

Who is the owner of honor tequila?

Del Castillo has her own brand, Tequila Honor Del Castillo, and also plans to take her guests to her distillery, or tequilera.

How old is Kate Castillo?

48 years (October 23, 1972)
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What is the rock’s tequila?

Teremana Tequila Blanco
Teremana Tequila Blanco is an ultra-premium tequila from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Teremana Tequila is result of years of refinement resulting in a Tequila that embodies passion, positivity, hard work and fun. Teremana Blanco is made from 100% pure blue weber highlands agave & distilled in handmade copper pot stills.

How many tattoos does Kate del Castillo have?

Kate Del Castillo’s 7 Tattoos & Their Meanings.

Who is Kate Castillo’s husband?

Aarón Díazm. 2009–2012
Luis García Postigom. 2001–2004
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Why does Kate del Castillo drink so much tequila?

Tequila holds a very special place in Kate’s heart, because it is a passion, along with acting, that she shares with her father, the prominent Mexican actor, Eric del Castillo. She has truly become a connoisseur of Tequila, appreciating everything that goes into creating a spirit that is worthy of representing her roots & culture.

Who is the owner of tequila honor Tequila?

Tequila Honor “Tequila Honor was proudly created by a small and dedicated group of experts on tequila and its industry. The Tequila Honor team inclusive of Kate del Castillo and the Vivianco Family from Los Altos de Jalisco who produces our tequila, is united in a singular vision and passion to produce and share the best tequila.

Who is the actress in the Tequila commercial?

Kate del Castillo is not only a renowned actress in her native land of Mexico, she has also captured American and International audiences with award-winning performances in hit movies and TV miniseries by bringing strong characters to life. She has elevated Tequila in many of her roles and the impact has been far reaching.

Which is the best tequila company in the world?

Feliciano Vivanco Y Asociados in the highlands of Jalisco are fourth generation agave growers and producers of the highest quality tequilas which have earned them many international awards for their quality and consistency. In Tequila Honor, we look for an honest and authentic production process.