What is the monthly fees of DPS?

What is the monthly fees of DPS?


YEAR 2019-2020
ADMISSION CHARGES (At the time of Admission Only) 25200
NUR – V (@ 9100/- P.M. FOR 12 MONTHS) 109200
VI – XII (@ 9100/- P.M. FOR 12 MONTHS) 109200

What is the admission fees of Delhi Public School?

Registration Fee Rs. 700/- (One Time Payment)
Admission Fee Rs. 25000/- (One Time Payment)
Class Quarterly Fee
PG to Prep Rs. 10850/-
I to V Rs.11450/-

Is Delhi Public School expensive?

Fees: The annual school fee ranges from Rs. 41,100 to Rs. 75,100. Please contact the school for the detailed fee structure.

Why is DPS so expensive?

Innovation. They innovated on what was already out there and made their own unique shape of skis. DPS claims to have made the first rockered ski with sidecut, they definitely created the first 3D Spoon shape under the ski tips. This R&D wouldve cost money and thats possibly reflected in their prices.

What is the fees in DPS Bangalore?

DPS Bangalore- East Fee Structure

PRIMARY 55900 4500
MIDDLE 51400 4500
SECONDARY 51400 4500

Is DPS a good school?

One of the best schools CBSE schools with quality education. Excellent facilities overall. Well experienced staff.

What does DPS stand for ski?

Drake PowderworkS
It stands for Drake PowderworkS, and the company seeks to “create the perfect skis worthy of those who live and breathe the sport”. DPS is known worldwide for its trailblazing technology, shaping, and durability.

Is DPS a good ski?

DPS skis are some of the best skis in the world. But between their history, convoluted family names and variations, multiple high-tech constructions, and letter combinations it can be tough to keep things straight.

How is fee paid at Delhi Public School?

Parents desirous of paying the whole year’s fee, they may deposit fee with special permission from the principal. Any fee once paid to the school is non-refundable and non-transferable and that in case of any withdrawal in between the session, the parent will be liable to pay the fee for the existing quarter of the current year.

How much is nursery admission in Delhi Public School?

Fee Structure for Academic Year 2020-21, 2021-22 and 2022-23 A NURSERY (NEW ADMISSION) QTLY. COMPOSITE TUITION FEES INR 33,000.0 B PREP QTLY. COMPOSITE TUITION FEES INR 33,000.0

How are late fees paid at DPS Indirapuram?

No cash will be accepted. Late fees will be paid with a fine of Rs. 20/ – per day after the due date. In case the cheque is not honoured, a bounce charge of Rs. 400/- will be imposed.

What happens in case of bounce charge in DPS?

In case the cheque is not honoured, a bounce charge of Rs. 400/- will be imposed. If fees are not deposited within 45 days of the stipulated date, the child’s name may be struck off from the school rolls.