What is the minimum income for Mitchell-Lama?

What is the minimum income for Mitchell-Lama?

Income Limits

Household Size 2021 Income Limits
1 $66,880 $104,500
2 $76,400 $119,375
3 $85,920 $134,250
4 $95,440 $149,125

Who qualifies for Mitchell-Lama?

Getting a Mitchell-Lama depends on two main eligibility requirements: income and family size. In other words, the number of people in your household has to match up with the bedroom count of the apartment—no singletons taking up three-bedroom units—​and your income must be under a certain limit.

How do Mitchell-Lama co ops work?

Co-op owners can’t profit on the sale of their unit. When a Mitchell-Lama shareholder surrenders their apartment they receive their equity value back (purchase price) plus any mortgage amortization that occurred during their residency. The shares themselves go back to the co-op.

Can you own a Mitchell-Lama apartment?

Each Mitchell-Lama development requires you to apply separately, but you can apply for multiple developments at once. Some Mitchell-Lama Apartments have an open waiting list, while other buildings have closed lists. After you have applied, you can check the status of each application through Mitchell-Lama Connect.

Can you sublet a Mitchell-Lama coop?

Generally, owners of Mitchell-Lama style government regulated apartments have even more restrictions. If you’re a renter — and assuming your building has more than four units — you can also legally sublet your apartment, but not for less than 30 days (hence the problem with Airbnb).

Is Mitchell-Lama rent stabilized?

Upon dissolution, Mitchell-Lama leases are replaced by Rent Stabilization leases which provide for the same rent and expiration date as the Mitchell-Lama lease.

Why are co-ops cheaper?

Co-ops tend to be cheaper per square foot. They typically offer buyers more control as an individual shareholder and often have lower closing costs. Condos are often easier to finance. Property taxes often are lower for co-ops than condos.

Is co-op City a Mitchell-Lama?

Co-op City is a New York City Mitchell-Lama cooperative located in the Northeast Bronx. With 15,372 apartments in 35 high-rise buildings and 7 townhouse clusters, Co-op City has approximately 50,000 residents. Co-op City is across the street from Bay Plaza Shopping Center, which has a new indoor mall.

Is village a view of Nycha?

The Village View Co-op – which stretches from 2nd to 6th Streets along Avenue A – is opening up its waiting list. Village View is part of the Mitchell-Lama affordable housing program.

Is Franklin Plaza Mitchell-Lama?

Built in 1960, Franklin Plaza Apartments is a Mitchell Lama development funded by the NYC HDC.

Why buying a coop is a bad idea?

Buying a co-op may place limits on how much home equity you can accumulate or if you can accumulate equity at all. While market-rate co-ops accumulate equity much like single-family homes, limited- and zero-equity co-ops restrict your ability to profit if and when you sell your shares.

What are 3 disadvantages to living in a co-op?


  • Most co-ops require a 10 to 20 percent down payment.
  • The rules for renting your co-op are often quite restrictive.
  • Because there are a limited amount of lenders who do co-op loans, your loan options are restricted.
  • Typically it is harder to rent your co-op with the restrictions that most co-ops have.

How to contact the Mitchell Lama Housing Program?

For questions regarding the City-sponsored Mitchell-Lama Program: 212-863-6500, or email [email protected] For information on the NYS-supervised Mitchell-Lama housing program, please visit New York State Homes and Community Renewal or call 866-463-7753.

What are the income requirements for Mitchell Lama?

All Mitchell-Lama developments have eligibility requirements related to income limits, family size, and apartment size. Maximum income limits differ for federally-assisted rental and cooperative developments, and non-federally-assisted developments.

When does the Mitchell Lama program take effect?

Managing agents will calculate surcharges based on the 2020 Income Affidavits that will take effect August 1, 2021 The Mitchell-Lama program provides affordable rental and cooperative housing to moderate- and middle-income families.

Who is responsible for Mitchell Lama in New York City?

HPD is currently reviewing submissions to the Mitchell-Lama Property Management RFQ, for applicants to assume property management responsibilities for Mitchell-Lama developments in HPD’s Division of Housing Supervision’s portfolio. Learn more about the Mitchell-Lama Property Management RFQ .