What is the mechanism of drilling machine?

What is the mechanism of drilling machine?

Working Principle of Drilling Machine: When the power is given to the motor, the spindle rotates, and thereby the stepped pulley attached to it also rotates. On the other end, one more stepped pulley is attached and that is inverted to increase or decrease the speed of the rotational motion.

What are the parts of radial drilling machine?

Parts of Radial Drilling Machine and Its Importance

  • Base. The base of the machine is made up of cast iron due to its required strength.
  • Column. This part is fixed on the one end of the base.
  • Radial Arm.
  • Drill Head.
  • Spindle.
  • Pillar Drilling Machine.
  • Radial Drilling Machine.

What is a radial drill used for?

Radial drilling machines are used to drill mediums to large and heavy workpieces. these machines are used to drill holes in a given radial distance. It is mainly used when the component’s size is larges in height. Radial drilling machines are primarily designed for drilling holes in heavy jobs or workpieces.

What are the three types of drilling machines?

What Are the Types and Applications of Drilling Machines?

  • Portable drilling machine.
  • Sensitive drilling machine.
  • Upright drilling machine.
  • Radial drilling machine.
  • Gang drilling machine.
  • Multiple spindle machine.
  • Deep hole drilling machine.

What are the types of drilling?

Five Most Common Drilling Methods Used in Oil and Gas Exploration

  • Percussion or Cable Drilling.
  • Rotary Drilling.
  • Dual-Wall Reverse-Circulation Drilling.
  • Electro-Drilling.
  • Directional Drilling.

What is the process of drilling?

Drilling is a cutting process that uses a drill bit to cut a hole of circular cross-section in solid materials. The drill bit is usually a rotary cutting tool, often multi-point. Instead, the hole is usually made by hammering a drill bit into the hole with quickly repeated short movements.

What are the advantages of a radial drilling machine?

Advantages. Radial drilling machines come with a lot of benefits for the operator. It is very compact in size and can be used very quickly and conveniently. It is also recognized as one of the most versatile machines because it can easily counter holes, punch holes, and even grind out large particles.

What are the types of drilling machine?

5.Types of Drilling Machines:

  • Radial drilling machine.
  • Upright drilling machine.
  • Automatic drilling machine.
  • Multiple Spindle drilling machine.
  • Deep hole drilling machine.
  • Sensitive drilling machine.
  • Portable drilling machine.
  • Gang drilling machine.

What is meant by radial drilling machine?

: a drilling machine with the drill spindle in a toolhead and saddle that are movable along a projecting arm which itself can be rotated about a vertical column.

What are the four main types of drilling?

There are many different types or configurations of drilling machines, but most drilling machines will fall into four broad categories: upright sensitive, upright, radial, and special purpose.

What is the difference between milling drilling and turning?

Turning and milling are two common machining processes that remove material from a workpiece with the assistance of a cutting tool. While similar, though, they use different methods to achieve this goal. Turning forces the workpiece to rotate, whereas milling forces the cutting tool to rotate.

What are 2 types of drills?

Types of drill

  • Combi drills. Combi drills offer all the same features as a drill driver, but with the additional hammer-action feature, making it suitable for drilling into masonry and brick too.
  • Impact driver.
  • Hammer drill.
  • SDS hammer drill.

What’s the purpose of a radial drilling machine?

Drilling Machine is to make circular holes on the components with the help of Drill bits. But, the purpose of the Radial Drilling Machine is used to drill the holes in the given radial distance and this will be used, when the component size is large in terms of height.

What kind of mechanism does a drilling machine use?

This drive mechanism is based on Rack and Pinion Mechanism. When the hand-wheel is rotated, it is converting the rotational motion to the linear motion by means of rack and pinion. The setup consists of Rack (has fine grooves), Pinion, Chuck and the Drill bit.

How is the arm of a radial drill adjusted?

The Radial arm is adjusted w.r.t the type of operation and height of the workpiece. The spindle is connected to the chuck and the drill bit is placed in between the jaws of the chuck. The Drill head is adjusted on to the workpiece and a suitable feed is given. Then the drill bit drives into the workpiece very easily.

What are the specifications of a drilling machine?

The following specification of Drilling Machine are: The portable Drill Machine is specified by the maximum diameter of the drill which can be held. Sensitive and the upright drill machine are specified by the diameter of the largest workpiece that can be held. The radial drill machine is specified by the length of the arm and column diameter.