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What is the meaning of at a crossroads idioms?

What is the meaning of at a crossroads idioms?

to be at a stage in your life when you have to make a very important decision.

What is another name for a crossroad?

In this page you can discover 34 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for crossroad, like: exigence, cross-tracks, secondary highway, turning point, crossing, , byroad, service road, frontage-road, driveway and cross-country road.

Where does the term crossroads come from?

crossroads (n.) By 1795 in the figurative sense of “a turning point, a moment of decision;” earlier than the literal sense “point where two roads intersect.” Formerly the prescribed burial place for suicides. In U.S., used for “a crossroads and little more; small, dull town” by 1845.

How do you use the word crossroads?

Crossroads sentence example

  1. In a side street near the crossroads where the vehicles had stopped, a house and some shops were on fire.
  2. I believe we are at a very dangerous crossroads .
  3. He was moving on while depositing her back at the same crossroads where he’d found her last week.

What is a crossroads moment?

Though a literal definition of crossroads might be something like “the point where two roads meet,” it is more often used in a figurative way, to mean a situation that requires some important choice must be made.

What is the difference between Crossroads and intersection?

As nouns the difference between intersection and crossroad is that intersection is the junction of two (or more) paths, streets, highways, or other thoroughfares while crossroad is a crossroads (place where one road crosses another).

Do you say Crossroad or Crossroads?

Both are correct. ‘Crossroads’ is one of these peculiar words that is (or can be) plural in form but with singular agreement: This crossroads is busy. As the singular-form word ‘crossroad’ also exists, with the same meaning, some people might prefer to use that.

What is the meaning of the word crossroad?

1. a road that crosses another road a road that crosses from one main road to another a road that crosses another road a road that connects two or more main roads the place where two or more roads intersect, often the site of a rural settlement any center of congregation, activity, etc. for a widespread area

What’s the difference between a crossroads and a road?

1 : a road that crosses a main road or runs cross-country between main roads. 2 usually crossroads ˈkrȯs-​ˌrōdz also -​ˈrōdz plural in form but singular or plural in construction. a : the place of intersection of two or more roads.

Why are there so many deaths at crossroads?

‘They followed the path and then road till its first crossroads.’ ‘Many of the deaths have resulted from conflicts with local traffic at crossroads and junctions along the single carriageway sections.’ ‘The ‘pinch points’ have been identified at major motorway junctions, congested dual carriageway roundabouts and crossroads.’

What does it mean when a relationship has reached a crossroads?

You sense that a relationship has reached a crossroads – and can decide which direction it should take. TWO fabulous careers have reached the crossroads. Show more… He does not consider he has anything to prove or that within a space of a month his career has suddenly reached a defining crossroads. Britain has reached a crossroads.