What is the maximum age for IGRUA?

What is the maximum age for IGRUA?

17 years
Although candidates with less than 17 years may be permitted to undergo selection process but they must not be less than 17 years before joining the course.

Is it easy to get admission in IGRUA?

IGRUA has a tough selection process which includes a written exam that is held at various centres all over India, a Pilot Aptitude test and an interview. To prepare for IGRUA, candidates can go through the tips given below: Take a look at the exam pattern and syllabus of IGRUA 2021.

Is getting into IGRUA tough?

Besides general ability, it examines a student’s overall orientation towards flying. So, without a good understanding and preparation, it would be difficult for students to qualify for the exam. With an aim to assist students, here are the complete details about the IGRUA entrance examination 2021.

Is IGRUA tough than Jee?

ANSWER (1) No, JEE is way too hard in comparison with the igrua written test. It’s like appearing for a high school class text and appearing for your the weakest subject board exam and that too from ICSE board. And yes, you are a CBSE student.

Which is the best placement for IGRUA in India?

Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi guarantees good training which involuntarily guarantees students’ placements. The aggregate of past IGRUA Placement records shows that the academy produces highly responsible CPL holders, who have been recruited by not only Top-Indian Airlines but overseas as well.

Who is the Governing Council of IGRUA Institute?

It is functioning under the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA), Govt. of India (GOI) through its Governing Council (GC) and approved by Directorate General of Civil Aviation, GOI. It is a premier institute especially created to improve training standards of pilot aspirants.

Is there a PT class in IGRUA hostel?

PT class is available for junior batches twice daily. Sports facilities are also well maintained. There is a gym also 1 TV room in every hostel. Mess serves healthy food. The instructors also live nearby. Snacks and all other necessities are also catered for at the complex. The institute provide separate hostels for both boys and girls.

How to register for IGRUA b.sc.aviation course?

Brief about the registration procedure IGRUA B.Sc. Aviation course is given below: Step 1: Visit the official website (www.igrua.gov.in) Step 5: After logging in again, upload the required documents (recent pp-size photograph and a valid signature Step 6: Make the required payment of INR 10,000. (The fee for SC/ST candidates are exempted)