What is the main shopping street in Williamsburg Brooklyn?

What is the main shopping street in Williamsburg Brooklyn?

Bedford Avenue
Bedford Avenue, the first Brooklyn stop on the L train from Manhattan, is the bustling heart of Williamsburg, lined with smoke shops, bagel bakeries and posh retail. At its northern end Bedford runs into McCarren Park – a local hang-out with lawns, sports grounds, an outdoor pool and communal barbecue grills.

Is Williamsburg Brooklyn a good place to live?

Coming from Manhattan, Williamsburg is the first stop in Brooklyn on the L subway train. Arguably one of the best places to live in Brooklyn by many standards, Williamsburg’s popularity and visibility has translated into some of the highest rents in New York.

Where are the best places to shop in Williamsburg?

Williamsburg is a great destination for shopping, if you like flea markets, second hand stores or vintage items. What you won’t find here are big retailers like ZARA and H&M. Stores that sell unique products dominate this part of town.

What to buy at Colonial Williamsburg in Williamsburg?

Shop for spring and summer florals, home accents, and collectibles. Shop for jewelry inspired by the collections of The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Our exclusive soaps are made in small batches using historic recipes and natural ingredients. Save up to 40% on small bar soaps every day when you buy in bulk.

What kind of buildings are in Williamsburg Brooklyn?

Williamsburg contains a variety of zoning districts, including manufacturing, commercial, residential, and mixed-use. North Williamsburg contains primarily light industrial and medium-density residential buildings, as well as some residential structures with commercial space on the ground floors.

Is there a Whole Foods store in Williamsburg?

About the Store. Whole Foods Market Williamsburg offers a full range of high-quality and organic foods at affordable prices with a special emphasis on our LOCAL vendors. Over 800 Brooklyn-made products from more than 75 Brooklyn suppliers are carried in the Williamsburg store.