What is the hottest month of the year in Indiana?

What is the hottest month of the year in Indiana?

Indianapolis’s coldest month is January when the average temperature overnight is 18.5°F. In July, the warmest month, the average day time temperature rises to 85.6°F.

How hot is Indiana in July?

around 85°F
Daily high temperatures are around 85°F, rarely falling below 77°F or exceeding 92°F. The highest daily average high temperature is 85°F on July 20. Daily low temperatures are around 67°F, rarely falling below 58°F or exceeding 74°F.

Is Indiana humid in the summer?

A dewpoint over 70°F is very moist. In the southeast half of the U.S. in the summer months, this is a common value. A dew point over 60°F is where it starts to “feel humid.” Dew points under 60°F generally feel comfortable….Oh The Humidity. Which State Is The Most Humid?

State Indiana
Average RH 72.0%
RH Rank 8
Average Dew Point 43.0°F
Dew Point Rank 20

Why is it so warm in Indiana?

The Gulf of Mexico is a major player in Indiana’s climate. Southerly winds from the Gulf region readily transport warm, moist air into the state. This humid air collides with continental polar air brought southward by the jet stream from Canada.

How long is summer in Indiana?

Average Temperature in Indianapolis The hot season lasts for 3.9 months, from May 23 to September 21, with an average daily high temperature above 75°F. The hottest day of the year is July 19, with an average high of 85°F and low of 68°F.

Does it rain a lot in Indiana?

According to Joe Bencloski, professor of geography and regional planning, Indiana does get a lot of rain—and, yes, we get about 10 more inches of rain than Seattle gets each year. The Pacific Northwest city averages about 38 inches of rain per year to Indiana’s 48 inches.