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What is the greatest moment in sports?

What is the greatest moment in sports?

Greatest Moments in Sports History

  • Tiger Woods Wins the 1997 Masters, Hugs Dad.
  • The Miracle on Ice.
  • Serena Williams Wins First Grand Slam.
  • Michael Jordan’s Final Shot as a Chicago Bull.
  • Brandi Chastain’s World Cup-Winning PK.
  • Jackie Robinson Breaks the Color Barrier.
  • ‘Rumble in the Jungle’
  • Mary Lou Retton’s Perfect 10.

Who is the most inspirational sport?

The Top 10 Most Inspirational Athletes

  • Billie Jean King: Tennis Player.
  • Jack Johnson: Boxer.
  • Kurt Warner: American Footballer.
  • Muhammad Ali: Boxer.
  • Jim Abbott: Baseball Player.
  • Bethany Hamilton: Surfer.
  • Jackie Robinson: Baseball Player.
  • Kyle Maynard: Wrestler.

What is the greatest moment in history?

Top 10 Moments from History

  • William Shakespeare Is Born – 1564.
  • Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot Are Discovered – 1605.
  • The Battle of Waterloo – 1815.
  • Queen Victoria Becomes Queen – 1837.
  • V-E Day Marks The End Of Second World War – 1945.
  • Tim Berners-Lee Invents The World Wide Web (Internet) – 1989.

What was the most popular sport in the 2000s?

Here are the sporting highlights of the world of sport in 2000. The major event of the year was the Sydney Olympic Games. Though NFL players and arrests are very common, most marquee players stay away from off the field problems….Sporting Highlights for 2000.

Date Results
June Golf US Open won by Tiger Woods

Who is the most iconic athlete?

Michael Jordan is the most popular athlete in the history of the world since Babe Ruth. He also might be one of the five most famous celebrities of the 20th century. His success on the basketball court is unmatched by any player before or since.

What was the biggest event in the 20th century?

Events in the 20th century

  • “The war to end all wars”: World War I (1914–1918)
  • The Russian Revolution and Communism.
  • Economic depression.
  • The rise of dictatorship.
  • The war in Europe.
  • The war in the Pacific.
  • The Holocaust.
  • The Nuclear Age begins.

What sports were big in the 2000s?


  • 1.1 Olympic Games.
  • 1.2 Basketball.
  • 1.3 Cricket.
  • 1.4 Cycling.
  • 1.5 Figure Skating.
  • 1.6 Football (Australian)
  • 1.7 Football (Association, Soccer)
  • 1.8 Golf.

Which is the most inspiring moment in sports history?

The Most Inspiring Moments in Sports History. 1 1. Lou Gehrig’s Farewell Speech. 20 of 20 Date: July 4, 1939. 2 2. Team Hoyt’s Immortality. 3 3. Pat Tillman Leaves Football for the Army. 4 4. The Fenway Crowd Helps Autistic Singer. 5 5. The Miracle on Ice.

What are some of the most inspirational sports quotes?

Given the nature of sports, it’s not surprising that athletes have had some inspiring and motivational things to say about hard work, perseverance, leadership, winning, and much more. Here are the most inspirational sports quotes for athletes and fans. 100 Inspiring Sports Quotes “The only way to prove that you’re a good sport is to lose.”

Who are the most inspiring Olympic athletes of all time?

The 25 Most Inspiring Olympic Moments of All Time 1 Hermann Maier 2 Joannie Rochette 3 Eric Moussambani 4 Lawrence Lemieux 5 Jonny Moseley 6 Torvill and Dean 7 Rulon Gardner 8 Shaun White 9 Dan Jansen 10 Vasily Alexeev

What are the fuzziest moments in sports history?

With Thanksgiving just passing, and the holiday season waiting to kick off, let’s commemorate the fuzziest holiday with the fuzziest moments in sports. The athletic bookmarks that define true greatness. Presenting the most inspiring moments in sports history. 20. Brett Favre Celebrates His Father