What is the Fisher Building in Detroit used for?

What is the Fisher Building in Detroit used for?

It was designed to house office and retail space. The building, which contains the elaborate 2,089-seat Fisher Theatre, was designated a National Historic Landmark on June 29, 1989. It also houses the headquarters for the Detroit Public Schools and the studios of radio stations WJR, WDVD, and WDRQ.

Who built the Fisher Building in Detroit?

Albert Kahn
Joseph Nathaniel French
Fisher Building/Architects

History: With limited space Downtown for their central headquarters, the Fisher brothers settled in New Center in the 1920s and commissioned Albert Kahn to design the Fisher Building. The building was financed with proceeds from the sale of the Fisher Body to General Motors.

What year was the Fisher Building in Detroit built?

Fisher Building/Opened
When completed in 1928, Kahn was awarded the Architectural League’s silver medal which named the Fisher Building the most beautiful commercial building of that year. Incredibly, construction took only 15 months at a cost of $3 million.

How old is the Fisher Theater?

93c. 1928
Fisher Building/Age

How many skyscrapers are in Detroit?

eight skyscrapers
Detroit is the site of eight skyscrapers at least 492 feet (150 m) in height and twenty-seven at least 327 feet (100 m) in height….Tallest buildings.

Rank 1
Name Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center
Height feet / m 727 / 222
Floors 73
Year 1977

How tall is the Fisher Building?

136 m, 149 m to tip
Fisher Building/Height

Where is the Fisher Building in Detroit Michigan?

The Fisher Building is a landmark skyscraper located at 3011 West Grand Boulevard in the heart of the New Center area of Detroit, Michigan. The ornate 30-story building, completed in 1928, is one of the major works of architect Albert Kahn, and is designed in an Art Deco style, faced with limestone, granite,…

Is the Fisher Theatre still open in Detroit?

In March 2021, The Ambassador Theatre Group acquired the iconic Fisher Theatre from The Nederlander Company, as well as programming operation of the Detroit Opera House and Music Hall in Detroit and the operation of Golden Gate Theatre and Orpheum Theatre, both in San Francisco.

When did the Fisher brothers come to Detroit?

In 1904 and 1905, the two eldest brothers, Fred and Charles, came to Detroit where their uncle Albert Fisher had established Standard Wagon Works during the latter part of the 1880s.

Who are the owners of the Fisher Building?

In 2001, FK Acquisition LLC, a real estate firm based in Southfield, purchased the two buildings from TrizecHahn Corporation for $31 million. FK Acquisition LLC lost the buildings to its lender in 2015.