What is the female bench press record?

What is the female bench press record?

The women’s equipped bench press record belongs to Rae-Ann Coughenour-Miller from the United States, who lifted 274 kg (605 lb) (2021, Metal Militia Powerlifting standards), and the raw bench press record belongs to April Mathis also from the United States, who lifted 207.5 kg (457.4 lb) (2016, Southern Powerlifting …

What can the average woman bench press?

According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention, the average American woman weighs 166 pounds. The standard bench press for a woman who weighs 166 pounds and has never trained before is set at a one-rep maximum of 80 pounds. This means that she may be able to bench press 80 pounds once.

What is the most a 13 year old has bench pressed?

225 pounds
MAPLE HEIGHTS, Ohio — Sean McCall isn’t just your average kid. At 13 years old, he’s lifting 225 pounds. It’s an accomplishment that broke the bench press world record with the World Raw Powerlifting Federation.

Does Greg Doucette have a degree?

IFBB Pro bodybuilder Greg Doucette He is a Canadian IFBB Pro bodybuilder with a bachelor’s and master’s degree in kinesiology who coaches thousands on diet and training to help them reach their goals.

What should a 13 year old bench?

What Is The Average Bench Press Of A 13 Year Old? The average bench for a male 13-year-old is 0.8 times bodyweight. The average bench for a female 13-year-old is 0.7 times bodyweight. Depending on the weight class, bench press will range from 50kg to 88kg for men and 35kg to 49kg for women.

Who is the only person to bench press over 1, 100 pounds?

Tiny Meeker’s last lift at the Cajun Hardcore Powerlifting meet, Dec. 14 in Buena, Texas was 1,102 pounds, making him the only man in the world to officially bench press over 1,100 pounds. “The 1,102 is the big mile-marker that no one (had) ever done,” Meeker said.

How tall is tiny Meeker and how much does he weigh?

There’s nothing tiny or meek about Tiny Meeker. He stands 5 feet, 9 inches tall; weighs about 320 pounds. A tape around his triceps would read 24 inches; around his forearms, nearly 20 inches.

What’s the world record for the bench press?

His clean lift of 1,102 pounds is now officially a world record for sanctioned power lifting. “When you hear someone say they’re a world champion, there are many, many world champions. There are 20 federations, maybe more,” Meeker said. “But there’s only one guy to ever bench 1,102.”

Where does tiny Meeker train at Monster Gym?

Meeker, an Humble native who works out and trains at Kingwood’s Monster Gym, broke through the barrier with a lift of 1,102 pounds nine years after the 1,000 pound mark was reached in 2004.