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What is the dictionary meaning of careful?

What is the dictionary meaning of careful?

adjective. cautious in one’s actions: Be careful when you cross the street. taking pains in one’s work; exact; thorough: a careful typist. (of things) done or performed with accuracy or caution: careful research.

What’s another way of saying be careful?

“Be careful! It’s a jungle out there.”…What is another word for be careful?

heed beware
be wary be cautious
take heed look out
be watchful mind out
be alert pay attention

What does it mean to be careful with someone?

kârfəl. The definition of careful is someone or something that works or thinks in a cautious, thorough or thoughtful way. A mountain climber who triple checks their safety gear is an example of careful. A person who is very detailed is an example of careful.

How do you use be careful?

Be-careful sentence example

  1. Put safety first and be careful .
  2. You need to be careful around men.
  3. Alright.
  4. Mom always said to be careful of a man who was full of pretty words – but then, she probably never met a man like Alex.
  5. You’ll want to be careful when you go to the human world.

What does Just be careful mean?

Filters. Used to warn people to proceed with caution into a potentially dangerous act. interjection.

What is a good sentence for careful?

(1) Be careful of the traffic. (2) Please be more careful next time. (3) He phrased his criticisms in careful terms. (4) The trip calls for careful advance planning.

What is the subject in the sentence be careful?

The pronoun [YOU] is understood to be the subject of the sentence. Example: [YOU] Please be careful.

Is more careful correct?

“more carefully” is correct with “than”. If your answer pages say otherwise, then they are wrong.

How is the word’careful’used in a sentence?

Examples of careful in a Sentence. He is a careful driver. You can never be too careful about these things. The stove is hot! She was careful of their feelings. The police were careful to leave the room exactly as they found it. Police made a careful examination of the scene. They produced a careful study of the building.

What does it mean to be careful not to do something?

be careful not to (do something) Proceed cautiously, in an attempt to avoid potential problems or pitfalls. This phrase is often said as a warning or instruction. I was careful not to make any noise as I crept into the house after curfew.

Which is the best definition of the word treatment?

Definition of treatment. 1a : the act or manner or an instance of treating someone or something : handling, usage the star requires careful treatment. b : the techniques or actions customarily applied in a specified situation.

Is the word meticulous a synonym for careful?

Although the words meticulous and careful have much in common, meticulous may imply either commendable extreme carefulness or a hampering finicky caution over small points. When could punctilious be used to replace careful? The words punctilious and careful are synonyms, but do differ in nuance.