What is the best Mass Effect 3 ending?

What is the best Mass Effect 3 ending?

Mass Effect 3’s control ending is effectively the trilogy’s Paragon ending. If the player chooses to have Shepard assume control of the Reapers the harvest is stopped, the Mass Relay system is rebuilt by the now-benevolent Reapers, and all synthetic life survives.

What is the true Mass Effect 3 ending?

The ending to ME3 sees Shepard facing off against the Catalyst, the ancient AI who controls the Reapers. The second choice is to Control the Reapers, with Shepard sacrificing their body to become the new dominant mind in the Reaper systems. The Reapers are then put to work repairing the galaxy and defending the masses.

Which ending is canon Mass Effect 3?

The Legendary Edition sets the “Mass Effect 3” canon ending of the extended cut as the default. However, it is still the least possible ending to receive a sequel, given the result of Shepard’s decision, which obliterated humankind.

Does Mass Effect 3 have multiple endings?

There are five possible endings to Mass Effect 3. If Shepard amassed enough Military Strength, they can choose the fate of the entire galaxy. There are five possible outcomes at the end of Shepard’s saga in Mass Effect 3, and the different options are only available if certain conditions are met.

Does Shepard live in the Destroy ending?

One thing that wasn’t fully addressed was the survival of Shepard, who dies in most of the endings but appears to survive in the “Destroy” (or red) ending choice. Shepard’s body can be seen moving amidst the wreckage at the end of the cinematic.

What happened to Shepard after Mass Effect 3?

In almost every ending of Mass Effect 3, Shepard will die in exchange for stopping the Reapers. Both the “Control” and “Synthesis” endings will always lead to Shepard’s death, as his consciousness will need to be infused into the Crucible for them to work.

What happens at the end of Mass Effect 3?

Endings Guide – Mass Effect 3. Endings in Mass Effect 3 feature the different conclusions to the game, depending on the choices the players have taken during their playthrough. Many of the choices the players make, have consequences that replicate directly or indirectly on the storyline of Mass Effect 3 if the save data is imported.

Is there a way to Replay Mass Effect 3?

The next time you’ll try to a start a new game you should notice that a new option has appeared on the list – Importing a character from ME3. This function has very similar principals to New Game Plus modes found in many other games, so you’re allowed to replay the campaign using a highly developed character.

Is there an ending to Mass Effect legendary?

It DOES NOT apply to the Legendary Edition release of the game. Below is a chart that describes the ending cutscene that will you will see based on the choices you make in the game.

What is the military strength rating in Mass Effect 3?

Your Effective Military Strength rating. This is your single-player Total Military Strength rating multiplied by a percentage ( Readiness Rating) from multiplayer, the iOS game Mass Effect Infiltrator and the iOs application Mass Effect 3 Datapad.