What is the best ending in GTA 4?

What is the best ending in GTA 4?

For the most part, GTA 4 players seem to always pick the revenge ending. It’s already a foolish attempt to trust Dimitri. Kate’s death is heartbreaking, yet Niko can always find another girlfriend. There is a chance to move on with his life.

Does GTA 4 have multiple endings?

Grand Theft Auto IV has two dramatically different endings: Deal and Revenge. This page lists the events of both endings.

Can you spare Vlad in gta4?

Even if the player pushes Vlad in the river and then kills him, the cutscene will still show Niko dragging his body into the river. After the mission, however, his body will disappear. Vlad will still be covered in blood after his death, even if a weapon such as a Molotov Cocktail or Baseball Bat was used.

Should I kill Ivan in GTA 4?

If you decide to let Ivan live, he will give you an extra mission later on in the storyline. Killing him does not prevent you from getting 100% completion. We chose to kill him, but we’ll leave that choice up to you. Either way, the mission will end in victory, and you’ll become just a little bit richer.

Is Niko Bellic dead?

Not much is known about Niko’s life during the events of Grand Theft Auto V. It is hinted that he has completely given up a life of crime, and has now retired. Either the Revenge ending was the canonical ending of GTA IV, or this was simply an easter egg.

What is the true ending of GTA 4?

For the final mission of GTA IV, you have the choice of going and killing Dimitri Rascalov or doing a deal for him. If you choose the “Revenge” ending, Kate McReary will be killed by Jimmy Pegorino. If you choose the “Deal” ending, Roman Bellic will be killed by Dimitri’s assassin.

Who killed Kate in GTA 4?

Jimmy Pegorino
If “Revenge” is chosen, Kate is happy that Niko decided to kill Dimitri rather than do the deal, she attends Roman’s and Mallorie’s wedding with Niko, during the wedding Kate is accidentally killed by Jimmy Pegorino (who was aiming for Niko) and Niko takes revenge on Pegorino for Kate’s death.

Why did mallorie sleep with Vlad?

Roman’s girlfriend, Mallorie Bardas began having sex with Vlad to prevent Roman from being hurt for not being able to pay his debts. Vlad and his crew protected Roman from Dardan Petrela and Bledar Morina, two Albanian loan sharks that he was also indebted to.

What does Michelle like gta4?

Michelle[2]Edit Vehicle Preference: Michelle likes almost any vehicle, excluding police cars, trucks, and beaters. Venue Preference: Michelle likes any venue, though her favorites are bowling, darts, pool, the Burger Shot restaurant, diners, and the Cluckin’ Bell restaurant.

Should I kill Darko?

Spare or kill Darko Brevic. Reward: Nothing. If Darko is killed, Niko later claims he feels “empty” for killing Darko. If Darko is spared, however, Niko will feel better, believing that nothing would change if he killed Darko.

What happens if you spare Ivan in GTA 4?

As Niko reaches Ivan, the player now has the choice of sparing him, by helping him up and letting him escape or killing him, by shooting him, or watching a cutscene in which Niko stamps on Ivan’s fingers, sending him crashing to the sidewalk/road. If Niko spares him, he’ll come back as a random character.