What is static pass box?

What is static pass box?

Static pass boxes are used to transfer materials between two rooms of equal cleanliness levels and are designed for minimal personnel movement while dynamic pass boxes are used to transfer materials from uncontrolled to controlled environments. Dynamic pass box works like an airlock or laminar air flow unit.

What is the difference between static Passbox and dynamic pass box?

A dynamic pass box is used to transfer the material between non-classified areas to classified areas or between two classified areas with a class difference. Static pass box is used to transfer the material between two equally classified areas.

What is pass box in pharma?

Pass boxes are the perfect tool for transporting items in and out of cleanrooms. These boxes are widely used in laboratories, hospitals, pharmaceutical and light-industrial environments. They not only offer full protection but also facilitate transportation of products.

What is the use of pass box?

A pass box, which is also called a transfer hatch or SAS pass (sterile access system), works as a barrier between areas with different levels of cleanliness when materials do have to be moved. The equipment is used to transfer material from an area of lower cleanliness to an area of higher cleanliness, and vice versa.

What is the use of UV light in pass box?

UV light is installed in all pass boxes to minimize the entrance of microbial contaminants in sterile area. Ultra violet light is also locate inside all entry rooms and exit rooms of sterile area where it works through decontaminate the passing air.

What are pass boxes?

Pass Box is a cleanroom system which is used to transfer materials from one device to another device which is helping to prevent the airflow from one area to another. In this system, one door is open at the same time that means both doors cannot be opened at the same time. Pass Box is also called Pass-through Box.

What wavelength of light is used in laminar air flow for sterilization?

UV Radiation A laminae Air Flow cabinet have germicidal ultraviolet lamp which emits high intensity ultraviolet radiation concentrated around the wavelength of 253.7nm also called as UV C radiations.

What do you need to know about dynamic pass boxes?

The Dynamic Pass Box also has a pressure gauge ranging from 0 to 25 mmwc. It is also fitted with a motor blower of 1/5 hp for blowing out dust particles. The Static Pass Box is designed as an air-lock device to prevent ambient air from entering or clean air from disappearing from the clean room. 5.

What’s the difference between static and passive pass boxes?

Static pass box on the other hand is fitted only between two clean room areas and has no air supply or extract. It is also known as passive pass box and equipped with UV light. We are ISO certified pass box manufacturers in India. Our pass boxes deliver low noise and easy to use operation, rugged construction promises long service life.

What are the different types of pass boxes?

The pass boxes are of two types- Static Pass Box and Dynamic Pass Box. The static pass boxes are fitted in the manufacturing areas and they filter the incoming air so that it remains free from adulterants like dust and other contaminants. It provides excellent working performance in the cleanroom unit.

Can a static pass box be used in a clean room?

A static pass box should never be used to transfer material between a clean room and a non-clean room. 2. A dynamic pass box is a cubicle box which has got interlocked doors located on both sides. This protects the controlled environment from being polluted while the transfer of material is taking place inside.