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What is St Christina of TYRE the patron saint of?

What is St Christina of TYRE the patron saint of?

Christina of Bolsena, also known as Christina of Tyre, or in the Eastern Orthodox Church as Christina the Great Martyr, is venerated as a Christian martyr of the 3rd century….Christina of Bolsena.

Saint Christina of Bolsena
Feast July 24
Attributes Arrow Martyr’s palm

Who is Santa Cristina?

24 July: Santa Cristina of Bolsena (Christina of Tyre) Cristina, the young daughter of a magistrate, according to tradition, was martyred under the Emperor Diocletian around the year 304. Archaeological discoveries indicate that in Bolsena the veneration of St.

Who is the patron saint of insanity?

St. Dymphna
Dymphna (Patron Saint for mentally ill) Lord, our God, you graciously chose St. Dymphna as patroness of those afflicted with mental and nervous disorders. She is thus an inspiration and a symbol of charity to the thousands who ask her intercession.

How old is the well of Santa Cristina?

Archaeologists have settled upon a date of construction for the sacred well to around 1100-1200 years before Christ. Today it consists of steps down to a spring-fed, shallow well, which is covered by a cupola.

What does Christina mean biblically?

follower of Christ
Christina “a Christian“ or “follower of Christ” and “anointed” (from ancient Greek “christós/χριστὸς” = anointed one or “chrio/χρίω” = to anoint, originally from Hebrew “mashákh/מָשַׁח‎”).

Is Christina a French name?

Christina (German, English, Greek, Swedish) Christine (English, French, German, Scandinavian) Christobel (English) Christy (English)

What was the story of st.christina of Bolsena?

Saint Christina of Bolsena. The Story and History of Saint Christina The story and history of Saint Christina. Born in Bolsena, an ancient town in central Italy, Christina was the daughter of a rich and powerful Roman magistrate named Urbain. Her wealthy pagan father had a number of golden idols of Roman gods.

Who or what is Saint Christina the patron saint of?

Who or what is Saint Christina the patron saint of? Saint Christina is the patron of Insanity, Psychiatrists and Millers. Meanings, definition and origins – a patron is considered to be a defender of a specific group of people or of a nation. There is a patron for virtually every cause, profession or special interest.

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Who is the patron saint of Mariners on July 24?

July 24 – Saint Christina of Bolsena, Patron Saint of Mariners. Saint Christina of Bolsena, Patron Saint of Mariners (Feast Date: July 24) Extract from St. Christine’s History: “She was the daughter of Urbain, a rich and powerful magistrate who was a palace official and descendant of a famous Bofena family.