What is product match-up?

What is product match-up?

Product match-up is construed as ensuring a similarity between the. spokesperson’s characteristics and the product attributes so as to enhance the advertisement effectiveness (Amos, et al. 2008).

What is the source attractiveness model?

The source attractiveness model links similarity, familiarity and likeability of an endorser to the effectiveness of a message. This theory explains the effects of a source’s attractiveness (McGuire, 1985). Friedman and Friedman (1979) state that the product type and endorser type should match.

Who is the product endorser?

A product endorsement involves a celebrity, a relevant professional or a business giving its approval for the virtue of a product and recommending it to the customers as a good and safe product. Endorsements can be effected by means of a statement to the public or by the endorsing party using it for all to see.

Why is source attractiveness important?

Source attractiveness leads to persuasion through a process of identification, whereby the receiver is motivated to seek some type of relationship with the source and thus adopts similar beliefs, attitudes, preferences, or behavior.

What is source credibility theory?

The Source Credibility theory states that people are more likely to be persuaded when the source presents itself as credible. The theory is broken into three models that can be used to more aptly apply the theory. The names of those models are: the factor model, the functional model, and the constructivist model.

Why do celebrities use endorsements?

The main motivation behind turning to celebrities in advertisements is to transfer public’s perceived positive meaning of a celebrity to the product. This way, an advertisement to attain its goal, in other words ensuring that a product has a meaning for the potential consumers, becomes much easier.

What is source attractiveness?

among source factors, a characteristic denoting the extent to which the source of a persuasive message is seen as physically attractive.

Is Source attractiveness important to the message?

The choice of your message source is important because it determines how consumers will relate with your brand. There are three main categories of message source attributes: credibility, attractiveness and power. Consumers will not internalize a message they do not believe to be true or from a credible source.

What is the importance of source credibility theory?

What are the three sources of credibility?

The various sources of credibility (i.e., the speaker, message, and environment) have each received considerable experimental attention in recent years.

What are the results of the match up hypothesis?

Results indicated a general “attractiveness effect” on brand attitude and purchase intent but not the match-up predicted in previous literature. Study Two considered expertise as the match-up dimension. The second experiment manipulated product and endorser type.

How is the matching hypothesis related to physical attractiveness?

Although the matching hypothesis covers a number of valuable assets (i.e. kindness), it is more closely associated with physical attractiveness. To test the matching hypothesis, Walster et al advertised a ‘computer dance’ and from the volunteers who answered the advertisement, they randomly picked 177 male and 170 female university students.

Which is an example of a match up?

The match-up is usually based on skill, expertise and knowledge; a good example of this is the use of well-known sports personalities to endorse sports brands. In the case of famous endorsers, consumers may already have a particular perception of the endorser, which may be more potent than their perception of the brand.

How does the matching hypothesis affect romantic relationships?

This suggests that the matching hypothesis ignores other reasons behind romantic relationships. Meltzer et al found that men had more satisfied marriages if their wives were attractive. In contrast, for women, their husband’s attractiveness did not affect marital satisfaction.