What is Oti Bharan?

What is Oti Bharan?

Dohale Jevan is a baby shower ceremony called as Oti Bharan celebrated by the Maharashtrians. This ceremony is held on an auspicious day in the seventh or the ninth month of pregnancy. The word Doh means two in Marathi and the mother is called dohalkareen.

What is Oti in Maharashtra?

oti bharne- Indian ritual of offering a sari and a blouse piece along with coconut, haldi kumkum, bangles, mangalsutra and rice.At the time of navratr.

What is Dohale jevan called in English?

Dohale Jevan literally means ‘craving for certain foods’ and this ceremony is performed to satisfy the food cravings of the expectant mother.

How is Dohale jevan done?

During the Dohale Jevan celebrations, members of the family are invited together on an auspicious day for a special puja. The mom to be is adorned in a new saree and is decorated with flowers as ornaments instead of jewellery. She is usually seated on a swing or a jhoola.

What is Dohale jevan?

Dohale jevan means baby shower. Dohale Jevan is favourite function for married women. In this day she wear green saree with simple and sobar makeup. She wear beautiful fresh flower jewellery and made to sit near the puja area of the house.

Why is Dohale jevan done?

The main reason for the Dohale Jevan celebration is to quench the food cravings of the pregnant mom, so food plays a major role in the ceremony. Most Marathi families are vegetarians, so usually a huge fare of healthy vegetarian meals, fruits and nuts are offered to the mom to be.

Can GODH Bharai be done in 8th month?

Godh bharai is a traditional Indian baby shower celebrated during pregnancy to welcome the unborn baby to the family and bless the mother-to-be with abundant joys of motherhood. While this ritual is mostly done in the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy, the time when it is performed may vary by regions and families.

Who does God Bharai?

Godh bharai is a special function organized for the expecting mother and her friends and relatives. A group of women come together to bless the mom-to-be and the baby and feast on some delicious treats.

Are men allowed in GODH Bharai?

Traditionally, godh bharai is a ‘women-only’ gathering. The ceremony may include adorning the mum-to-be with jewellery, making her wear bangles, filling her lap with gifts, fruits and sweets and laying out a feast before her. Gifts for the baby are given only after the birth.