What is infusionsoft called now?

What is infusionsoft called now?

Today we announced the rebranding of our company and the launch of our newest product, Keap. These changes are all part of a multi-year company evolution that is elevating the way we serve small businesses, like yours.

Why is Infusionsoft now KEAP?

Keap is our signal to the world that we’re on a mission to simplify growth for millions of small businesses. Our new name is a nod to the grit and perseverance of small business owners and encompasses everything we know to be true when it comes to success in today’s world: keep going, keep serving, and keep growing.

What is infusionsoft worth?

Infusionsoft pricing plans start at $199 a month and include one user account, contact management, marketing automation and unlimited emails.

Why did infusionsoft change its name?

After 18 years in business, Infusionsoft will be rebranded as Keap. CEO Clate Mask said he needed a name to represent the company’s mission of simplifying growth for millions of small businesses, while choosing a name with purpose that was fresh and modern.

Does Infusionsoft have a CRM?

Max Classic offers businesses and teams a robust CRM solution that provides advanced marketing and sales automation, fully customizable campaigns, and powerful app integration.

Is Infusionsoft free?

What’s Included in the Free TrialAll the features of a paid Infusionsoft plan are included in the free trial, allowing you to truly see the tool in action. Thanks to a robust CRM, all your customer information is stored in one place, synced with all your apps.

Are Infusionsoft and Keap the same thing?

Infusionsoft (the software) is now Infusionsoft by Keap. Keap is the name of the company AND the name of its new, simpler-to-use CRM.

Is Infusionsoft easy to use?

Although Infusionsoft by Keap is designed primarily for small businesses, its marketing automation features are robust and easy to use. Its elegant and quick drag-and-drop interface is ideal for pulling together complex marketing workflows.

What is Infusionsoft used for?

Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) is a cloud-based sales and marketing solution that offers customer relationship management (CRM), marketing automation, and e-commerce functionalities in one suite. Keap helps small businesses across various industries streamline sales and manage customer experiences.

Is there a free version of Keap?

Free Trial: CRM, Email Marketing, Getting Paid, Appointments, and More | Keap.

What can Infusionsoft do?

Infusionsoft® is an all in one sales and marketing automation platform. It comprises of a CRM, a powerful Marketing Automation builder with drag and drop functionality, Sales Pipeline Automation and E-commerce.

What can infusionsoft do?