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What is Impreza Initial D?

What is Impreza Initial D?

Subaru Impreza WRX STi Coupe Type
This car is a 1998 Subaru Impreza WRX STi Coupe Type R Version V, chassis code GC8F. It is painted Sonic Blue Mica, but it is painted Cool Gray Metallic in the manga and early games.

Does Takumi race his dad?

Bunta Fujiwara (藤原 文太 Fujiwara Bunta) is the owner of a tofu shop in Gunma, and the father of Takumi. He used to be the No. 1 downhill racer in Mt. Akina years ago, but he no longer races, preferring to guide Takumi’s racing development.

What episode does Takumi race the Impreza?

The Pitiful Lonely Driver
After driving the Impreza, Takumi begins to question his abilities behind the wheel of the Eight-Six.

Does bunta ever race Takumi?

Throughout the anime there are a few scenes of Bunta racing solo, and as the other answer stated, there is one scene where Bunta “races” Takumi after getting his WRX, though it wasn’t a proper race (more of an impromptu battle), and Takumi didn’t know it was Bunta.

What Evo was in Initial D?

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution
The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution (also known as the Lan Evo, or Evo) is a sports sedan based on the Mitsubishi Lancer range. It was manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors from 1992 until 2016.

What is the Initial D car?

Toyota Sprinter Trueno
Toyota AE86 (Eight-Six, or Hachi-Roku) models are the most prominent type of car in the Initial D series, the most iconic of which is the Toyota Sprinter Trueno driven by Takumi Fujiwara and his father, Bunta.

Is there a Supra in Initial D?

Specific Cars Hideo Minagawa drives a Super White II Toyota Supra RZ JZA80 as part of Katagiri Street Version. In First Stage, a white Toyota Supra JZA80 can be seen representing for the Akagi RedSuns.

Does Takumi beat Kyoichi?

Trivia. This is the first time Takumi loses in a battle. Though not an official battle, as interpreted by Sudo Kyoichi himself as he considers it as a lesson for Takumi to understand his car is not suitable for racing, this still at least to Takumi was considered as a loss.