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What is FastSkin fabric made of?

What is FastSkin fabric made of?

The Original Speedo FastSkin First designed in 2000 under the name “Speedo Fast Skin” the suit was heavily influenced by sharkskin, made from Teflon coated lyrca, reducing drag and overall water resistance. With a full body suit the lyrca material almost acted as a tighter extra layer of skin “…

What fabric is best for making swimsuits?

Polyester fabric
Polyester fabric has dominated the competitive swimwear industry for several years. Whether blended with Lycra® or by itself, polyester is the leading fabric for competitive swimwear. New technologies in polyester have improved the hand and feel of the material, allowing it to surpass other fabrics.

What are Olympic swimsuits made from?

Swimming like a fish In the 1980’s Speedo became the first company to develop nylon/Lycra swimwear. Lycra is a lightweight, flexible material used in all sorts of clothing, and nylon/Lycra garments remain the most popular choice for swimmers today.

What material are tech suits made of?

All tech suits have a combination of polyester, nylon, elastane, LYCRA™ and spandex. Recently fabrics with carbon fiber have been introduced to give more strength and structure to compression.

What swimsuit material lasts longest?

This will give you a few inches of extra room. Some suits are called chlorine resistant because the Lycra® is specially developed to last longer than conventional swimwear. These fabrics include Xtra Life Lycra®.

When did the Speedo Fastskin swimsuit come out?

Speedo® Fastskin™ is a swim suit brand worn by many professional swimmers. In 2000, the original Speedo® Fastskin™ model was launched at the Sydney Olympics. Using sharkskin as a model, the Speedo® designers had created a bodysuit that mimicked the texture and efficiency of shark skin.

Do you get free ground shipping on Fastskin swimsuits?

FREE GROUND SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS OVER $50! The original Fastskin competitive swimsuit – we have a variety of styles, sizes and colors in stock and ready for shipment. The next generation of competition swimwear, Fastskin II, lets swim faster. Choose from full bodyskin suits, hi-neck kneeskin, in a variety of colors.

Which is the fastest swimsuit in the world?

However, just a year later, Speedo would shock the swimming world with the launch of the Fastskin LZR Racer. The suit was Speedo’s smoothest offering yet, having worked with biomechanical engineers, physiologists and more than 100 elite swimmers, as well as NASA, in the development stage.

What makes Speedo swimsuits the best in the world?

Please refresh or return to the homepage. No one else in the industry knows racing swimwear better than Speedo. The Fastskin technology is built with speed and agility in mind at SpeedoUSA, inspired by the sleek, hydrodynamic properties of sharkskin.