What is EMS documentation?

What is EMS documentation?

Documentation provides a written record between practitioners of the assessment and treatment they have provided. This establishes greater patient safety and the smooth transition of patient care from one provider to another.

What is standard of care in EMS?

Standard of Care: Defined as the level of care at which the average, prudent provider in a given community would practice. Medical Direction: EMTs must follow medical direction at all times. To treat a minor, an EMT must obtain the consent of the parent or guardian.

How do I write a patient care report in EMS?

EMS providers just need to pull the information together and write it down in a way that paints a picture….Follow these 7 Elements to Paint a Complete PCR Picture

  1. Dispatch & Response Summary.
  2. Scene Summary.
  3. HPI/Physical Exam.
  4. Interventions.
  5. Status Change.
  6. Safety Summary.
  7. Disposition.

What is the prime reason for high quality documentation?

The prime reason for high-quality documentation is high-quality patient care.

What are the levels of EMS?


  • Paramedic (Paramedic)
  • Intensive care Paramedic (ICP) and Critical Care Paramedic (CCP)
  • Retrieval Paramedic (RP)
  • General Care Paramedic (GCP)

What is national EMS Education standards?

EMS Education Standards. The National EMS Education Standards have helped educators, certification bodies and regulators ensure EMS providers receive an education that prepares them to perform their roles. This initiative to revise the National EMS Education Standards will align them with the recently completed revision to the National EMS Scope…

What is the importance of proper medical documentation?

Importance of Proper Medical Documentation. Keeping proper medical records is important and beneficial for both the patient and the health institution. It is a very important tool for treating patients but most of the time, the job is provided to the people who already have the burden of excessive work.

What are documentation Guidelines?

Documentation Guidelines. Documentation guidelines outline the specific information that must be included on reports or evaluations that the student may submit to SSD in order to register for services.

What is national EMS certification?

National EMS Certification assures the public, licensing officials, and employers that the EMS professional is competent. The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians ® ( National Registry ) provides National EMS Certification for the United States. This is a standard that every American citizen deserves—at their moment of greatest need.