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What is development support Programme?

What is development support Programme?

The Development Support (DS) and Learning Support (LS) Programme provides support and intervention for preschool children who require low levels of early intervention (EI) support, in areas such as speech and language, social skills, motor skills, behaviour and literacy, to help them develop appropriate skills and …

What is DS plus Programme?

Early Intervention Programme for Infants & Children (EIPIC) and Development Support Plus (DS-Plus) It emphasises the training of parents/caregivers so that they can effectively carry out intervention strategies in the child’s daily routines at home.

What is flair Programme?

A collaboration with the Ministry of Education engaging para-educational professionals to provide focused language assistance to kindergarten children.

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Not only has he flair, but he has power. They had remarkable flair and they created industry. Technology without the creative flair of the programme-maker to fill the new channels would be sterile. She had, in short, flair far exceeding that of her companions, even though they might be years older than her.

How does the Development Support Programme ( DSP ) work?

Development Support Programme (DSP) The DSP is an early intervention programme for pre-schoolers with mild developmental needs. The DSP provides targeted short-term support through a group of trained Learning Support Educators (LSEds), clinical professionals and therapists in the preschools.

When did development support and learning support start?

Started in October 2012, Development Support and Learning Support (DS/LS) offers early intervention for mainstream pre-school children (K1 and K2) with mild developmental delays to overcome challenges in their early stages of learning.

How does the development support fees programme work?

The DSP helps parents and teachers recognise developmental needs in a timely manner. It provides relevant information, intervention and support for the child and family. Children with mild developmental needs receive extra help through interventions and in-class support sessions.

Who are the professionals in development support plus?

For information on Development Support Plus, please refer to this page. Support is provided by specially trained early childhood professionals known as Learning Support Educators (LSEds). The children are supported by trained therapists. Thereafter, LSEds will continue to provide in-class support.