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What is depth and Complexity?

What is depth and Complexity?

The goal of Depth is to help students to expand their knowledge and expertise while maintaining a balance with the academic content. COMPLEXITY. The goal of Complexity is to challenge students to make connections across disciplines, both over time and between disciplines.

What are depth and Complexity prompts?

The Depth and Complexity icons are tools that will take students of any age deeper into a study of any content area. Each of the eleven prompts acts as a different lens, prompting students to look at a topic in a new way.

What is rules in depth and Complexity?

Students will learn to analyze a topic and look for rules. Rules prompt of Depth and Complexity. This prompt focuses students on things that must be true, followed, or obeyed. When rules are broken, there are consequences.

What is the big idea in depth and Complexity?

The Big Idea focuses on a large statement about the topic, while Details zooms in on the most important pieces of the topic. If you’re emoji to represent the depth and complexity icons it’s pretty natural to use: 🏠 or 🏛️ for Big Idea and 🌻 for Details.

What is Kaplan’s depth and complexity?

The Depth and Complexity framework is a set of tools that allow teachers to differentiate for any grade level or content area in a way that is straightforward to implement and effective. It is composed of eleven elements represented by a set of icons or pictures.

Who created the depth and complexity icons?

Professor Sandra Kaplan
Depth and complexity tools were developed by Professor Sandra Kaplan following extensive research into what types of knowledge distinguished experts in a field of study from those with only a surface level of knowledge.

How many depth and complexity icons are there?

eleven icons
What are the Icons of Depth and Complexity? The most recognizable part of the Depth and Complexity framework is the set of eleven icons that represent the eleven thinking prompts. The eleven elements are divided into two types: depth and complexity.

What is complexity in gifted education?

Original post (edited): Depth is the “language of the discipline, big ideas, essential details, rules, patterns, trends, unanswered questions, and ethics.” Complexity involves “change over time, multiple points of view, across the disciplines.” Depth and complexity in gifted education should be a natural extension of …

What does across disciplines mean?

: of, relating to, or involving two or more disciplines : interdisciplinary.

What does disciplines mean in English?

transitive verb. 1 : to punish or penalize for the sake of enforcing obedience and perfecting moral character. 2 : to train or develop by instruction and exercise especially in self-control.

What is cross-disciplinary skills?

Cross-disciplinary teaching deals with connections, interrelations and interactions between different fields of knowledge without the integration from other disciplines by studying topics using foreign methodologies of unrelated disciplines, highlighting aspects of the first discipline by means of studying the other …