What is Cuplock system?

What is Cuplock system?

Cuplock scaffolding is a type of scaffolding characterized by a joining method that uses metal cups to lock beams together. The distinctive cuplock scaffolding joint system consists of three basic components: a top cup, a bottom cup, and ledgers.

Who makes Cuplock scaffold?

Lyndon SGB
Developed by Lyndon SGB, CUPLOK® is a fully galvanised, multi-purpose steel system scaffold for general access, shoring and supporting vertical loads. CUPLOK is distinguished by its unique node point, which allows up to four components to be connected in one fastening action.

What is Cup lock Ledger?

Cuplock Ledger is Horizontal Parts of The Cuplock Scaffolding System. Wellmade Produces Cuplock Ledgers According to EN 1090 and ISO 3834 CE Standard. Cuplock Ledger Sizes are Customized in Wellmade. While Standard Cuplock Ledger Size Include 1.2m, 1.8m, 2.4m, 3.0m etc.

What are ledgers in scaffolding?

Ledgers – horizontal tubes tying the structure together longitudinally, usually running parallel to the face of the building. Transoms – short horizontal tubes spanning across ledgers normally at right angles (90°) to the face of the building. They may also be used to support a working platform.

What is a coupler scaffold?

A tube and coupler scaffold has a platform(s) supported by tubing, and is erected with coupling devices connecting uprights, braces, bearers, and runners (see Fig. 1). These scaffolds can be assembled in multiple directions, making them the preferred option for work surfaces with irregular dimensions and/or contours.

What are different types of scaffolding?

There are 8 different types of scaffolding including:

  • Single Scaffolding.
  • Double Scaffolding.
  • Aluminium Scaffolding.
  • Steel Scaffolding.
  • Kwikstage Scaffolding.
  • Scaffold Towers.
  • Cantilever Scaffolding.
  • Trestle Scaffolding.

How do you calculate scaffolding load?

Multiply 35 square feet by 25 pounds per square foot and the scaffolding can be loaded with no more than 875 pounds. Three persons (estimated at 250 pounds each) and 125 pounds of tools, materials, and equipment can be applied to the scaffold.

What is a scaffold standard?

A standard is the long pipe or tube running vertically that connects the mass of the scaffold directly to the ground. The base of each standard is connected to a base plate, or sill, which helps distribute the weight each standard bears.

How is SWL of scaffold calculated?

– D = Dead Load: This is the weight of the working platform and the scaffold components. When all the variables in the formulae is obtained, fixing the values in, we can calculate the SWL of any scaffold. HSEWatch is an all-encompassing Health and Safety platform.

How is the length of a cuplock Ledger calculated?

Cuplock Horizontal Ledgers are manufactured using 40 NB light or medium class pipes with forged ledger blades that are welded at the ends. Length of the ledgers or horizontal is calculated between center to center of two verticals.

How big is a cuplock wide steel stage?

Description: Cuplock OMEGA Wide Steel Stage The Omega wide steel stage is 238mm x 57mm and built to support the Cuplock system. Specifications: Self Weight 4.33 – 16.00 kg Sizes: 0.6m OMEGA (Wide) Steel Stage 0.9m OMEGA (Wide) Steel Stage 1.3m OMEGA (Wide) Steel Stage 1.8m OMEGA (Wide) Steel Stage 2.5m OMEGA (Wide) Steel Stage Product Code:CUPOSB2

Which is lighter cuplock or cup system scaffolding?

Manufactured using 3.2mm high grade steel, Cuplock/cup system scaffolding is 20% lighter than standard 4mm scaffolding tube. It is the specifically designed Omega section (60mm x 40mm) which avoids the effects of weather penetration and provides a very strong supporting platform.

How big is a standard cuplock base Jack?

Standard Cuplock Ledgers are available at RADIAN H.A. Limited in different sizes. See below for available sizes. Available in sizes from 1.3m – 3.0m Standard Cuplock 6 Ton Adjustable Base Jack. Self Weight 4.7kg 8″ Internal Spigot rubber castor used on the base of cuplock scaffold system. Self Weight 6.7kg

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What is Cuplock system?

What is Cuplock system?

Cuplock scaffolding is a type of scaffolding characterized by a joining method that uses metal cups to lock beams together. While several types of scaffolding exist, cuplock scaffolding is unique in that it provides a way to link four horizontal bars together at once at a central joint.

Who makes Cuplock scaffold?

BrandSafway’s CupLok® is a fully galvanized, multipurpose steel system scaffold, suitable for providing worker access and supporting vertical shoring loads.

What does a 10 foot scaffold leg weigh?

Vertical Legs

Description Size (Inches) Weight (LBS)
4-Cup Leg 23 8.6
6-Cup Leg 34.5 11.9
8-Cup Leg 46 15.3
10-Cup Leg 57.5 18.6

What subpart is scaffolding?

1926 Subpart L
1926 Subpart L – Scaffolds | Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

What are ledgers in scaffolding?

Ledgers are 48mm diameter tubes with a cast wedge fixing device at each end. They are positioned horizontally between two vertical scaffold standards to give the length of the scaffold bay, at platform level. They may also be fitted as a handrail.

What is scaffolding node point?

The scaffold “node point” is where the ledgers and transoms connect to the vertical posts. It is a fundamental principle of supported scaffolding that all stabilizing components (vertical bracing, horizontal bracing, ties, etc.) are also connected as close as possible to the scaffold node points.

How much weight can a scaffold board take?

The maximum safe working load of a scaffold board is 150 KG evenly spaced. The total weight of the user and tools must not exceed this. When moving to a new site, carry the equipment with care.

How much does a 21 foot scaffold tube weigh?

High Yield scaffold tube

Length Weight
3.0m (10′) 13.1kg
3.9m (13′) 17.0kg
4.8m (16′) 20.9kg
6.4m (21′) 27.9kg

Is a harness required on scaffolding?

A ladder jack scaffold or a float scaffold requires a personal fall arrest system (aka: safety harness) while a single-point or two-point adjustable suspension scaffold requires both a safety harness and a guardrail system.

At what height do you need scaffolding?

Scaffolding work is defined with a four metre threshold for licensing purposes. This means in some cases a high risk work licence may not be required to erect a scaffold—because it is less than four metres—but there may still be need for a SWMS because it is more than two metres.

What is Cup Lock scaffolding system?

Introduction. SGB is the proud provider of the Cuplok Scaffolding System.

  • Locking Procedure. The distinctive node-point locking device is at the core of the Cuplock scaffolding system.
  • Components of Cuplok. These are vertical tubes that use lower fixed cups at half a meter intervals with rotating cups on the top.
  • Types of structures.
  • What is a cuplock scaffold?

    Cuplock scaffolding is a type of scaffolding characterized by a joining method that uses metal cups to lock beams together.

    What is ring lock scaffolding?

    Ringlock Scaffolding System. The Ringlock scaffolding system is one of the types of modular scaffolding. It enables workers to set up, use, and disassemble a temporary work structure with speed and efficiency, therefore saving on time and labor cost. Ringlock is one of the most sophisticated and complete scaffolding systems on the market.