What is Callisto used for?

What is Callisto used for?

Callisto Herbicide is a systemic preemergence and postemergence herbicide for the selective contact and residual control of broadleaf weeds in field corn, seed corn, yellow popcorn, sweet corn, and other listed crops. When used preemergence, weeds take up the product through the soil during emergence.

How tall of corn can you spray Callisto on?

It is extremely important to note that atrazine and atrazine-containing products can only be applied on corn up to 12 inches in height….Table 1. Maximum height for postemergence herbicides in corn.

Herbicide Rate/A Maximum Height
Callisto 3 fl oz 30” or 8 collars

Who makes Callisto herbicide?

Syngenta US
Callisto – Herbicide Product & Label Information | Syngenta US.

What is the active ingredient in Callisto?

RESISTANCE MANAGEMENT Callisto is a Group 27 Herbicide (contains the active ingredient mesotrione). Naturally occurring biotypes of certain broadleaf weed species with resistance to triazines, glyphosate, PRO, HPPD and ALS inhibiting herbicides are known to exist.

What is Callisto Xtra?

Callisto Xtra is a selective preemergence and postemergence herbicide for control of broadleaf weeds and certain grasses in field corn, seed corn, yellow popcorn, sweet corn, grain sorghum and sugarcane. Callisto Xtra is systemic and is absorbed through the foliage of emerged weeds and by soil uptake.

How late can you spray Roundup Ready corn?

For Roundup Ready Corn 2 from emergence through the V8 stage (8 leaves with collars) or until corn height reaches 30 inches, whichever comes first, this product may be applied over-the-top broadcast or with drop nozzles.

How many times do you spray corn?

Sweet corn silking after early July is most susceptible to earworm injury. It is important to protect the ears from early-silking until the silks turn brown. Apply spray formulations with a 1- gallon or larger compressed air sprayer every two- to-three days for good results.

Is atrazine a pesticide?

The herbicide atrazine is one of the most commonly applied pesticides in the world. As a result, atrazine is the most commonly detected pesticide contaminant of ground, surface, and drinking water. Atrazine is also a potent endocrine disruptor that is active at low, ecologically relevant concentrations.

Is Liberty herbicide restricted use?

This product is a restricted use herbicide due to ground water concerns. Users must read and follow all precautionary statements and instructions for use in order to minimize potential for atrazine to reach ground water.

How much does Dual herbicide cost?

Price: $232.95

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1 $232.95 2-5 $227.95 12+ $215.95