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What is Armatec 110?

What is Armatec 110?

Description SikaTop® Armatec-110 EpoCem® is a three-component, water-based epoxy resin, anti-corrosion coating and bonding agent. Where to Use. ▪ As an anti-corrosion coating for reinforcing steel: – For repairs to reinforced concrete where there is corrosion of the underlying reinforcement steel.

How to apply Armatec 110?


  1. Apply by stiff-bristle brush or spray at 80 ft2 /gal.
  2. Take special care to properly coat the underside of the totally exposed steel.
  3. Allow coating to dry 2-3 hours at 73 °F, then apply a second coat at the same coverage.
  4. Allow to dry again before the repair mortar or concrete is applied.

What is epoxy concrete repair?

Concrete repair epoxy is a method whereby epoxy is combined with cement when making repairs. The cement is then made stronger and will also be stain-proof. When adhering to instructions and following the correct process for repairs, in the end, it will save you a lot of time and money.

How do you use Renderoc RG?

Renderoc RG can be applied in sections upto 100mm deep. For larger sections, the addition of approved aggregates may be required. This will depend on the specific configuration of the repair location. Fosroc office shall be contacted for further information.

What is the best bonding agent for concrete?

Epoxy Resin is known for being the most versatile of all concrete bonding agents. This bonding agent is ideal for high performance and lightweight parts. Characterized as being strong but brittle, Epoxy Resin can be formulated to become more flexible without losing its tensile strength.

What do you use to bond concrete to concrete?

QUIKRETE® Concrete Bonding Adhesive (No. 9902) permanently bonds new concrete, plaster, and stucco to existing concrete, plaster, and stucco. Eliminates the need for roughing the surface before the application.

What is the best epoxy for concrete repair?

Best Value: QUIKRETE Epoxy Concrete Repair If you are looking for an effective, durable, and strong epoxy filler for concrete, then this product is an excellent option. This is a two-part epoxy that forms an incredibly powerful bond for filling cracks in concrete and repairing any damages.

Does epoxy bond to concrete?

Concrete epoxy adhesives: A quick briefing When equal volumes of the resin and hardener are mixed, they react to produce a tough, rigid, high-strength bond. You can use epoxy resin for concrete to repair, fill, bond, and rebuild concrete surfaces.

What is Renderoc RG?

Renderoc RG is used for repairs to damaged reinforced con- crete elements, particularly where access is restricted and where vibration of the placed material is difficult or impossible.

What is Renderoc plug?

Renderoc Plug are rapid setting mortars which are easy to apply to horizontal, vertical or overhead surfaces at a wide range of thicknesses. There are two grades available: Renderoc Plug 1 with an initial set time of approximately 1 minute, and Renderoc Plug 20 with an initial set time of approximately 20 minutes.

Is it OK to pour concrete over existing concrete?

You can put new concrete over old concrete. However, unresolved issues with your old concrete, such as cracks or frost heaves, will carry over to your new concrete if not taken care of. In addition, you must pour it at least 2 inches thick.