What is account manager in German?

What is account manager in German?

Buchhalter. More German words for account manager. Kundenbetreuer. account manager.

What does the German word bank mean?

Bank. More German words for bank. die Bank noun. bench, seat, pew, settle, form. das Ufer noun.

What is PA in German?

abk (= per annum, by the year)

How do you write money in German?

The Euro is the official currency of Germany and Austria. The symbol for the Euro is €, and it is often placed after the number, unlike the pound sign – £ – which is placed before the number. One Euro is divided into 100 cents.

How do you read German money?

The currency used in most German-speaking countries is the euro….German:

  1. Eine Million = 6 zeros (Mill, mio) = 1.000. 000.
  2. Eine Milliarde = 9 zeros (Md, Mrd, Mia) = 1.000. 000.000.
  3. Eine Billion = 12 zeros (Bn) = 1.000. 000.000. 000.

How do you write million euros in short?

That compared with losses of 11.9 million euros (pounds 8.3 million) a year earlier….MEUR.

Acronym Definition
MEUR Million Euros
MEUR Monthly Employment Utilization Report (contractor form)

Which is the largest banking company in Germany?

Founded in 1870, Deutsche Bank is the largest of the banks in Germany and one of the top banking and financial services companies in the world, with an extensive presence in Europe, the Americas, the Asia-Pacific region, and many emerging markets. The bank’s core business is investment banking.

What’s the average salary for a bank employee in Germany?

A person working in Banking in Germany typically earns around 5,260 EUR per month. This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other benefits. Salaries differ drasticly between different Banking jobs.

Which is the best Development Bank in Germany?

Founded in 1948, KFW Bankgruppe is a Government-owned development bank. Kreditanstalt Fuer Wiederaufbau – KFW operates as a promotional bank. It provides financing for investments, projects by German and European companies, and for economic and social initiatives in developing countries, as well as advisory services.

How many branches does UniCredit have in Germany?

Founded in 1955, UniCredit Bank AG offers personal and commercial banking products and services in Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Luxembourg, the rest of Europe, Canada, the United States, and Asia. The bank currently employs 85,000 staff and serves 11 million customers through its 1,150 branches.