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What is a typical detail drawing?

What is a typical detail drawing?

A “detail drawing” is a drawing of a single component, assembly of multiple parts, or an entire system of assemblies. A detail drawing provides complete and precise descriptions of a part’s dimensions, shape and how it is manufactured.

What is contained in a detailed drawing?

Detail drawings provide a detailed description of the geometric form of a part of an object such as a building, bridge, tunnel, machine, plant, and so on. They tend to be large-scale drawings that show in detail parts that may be included in less detail on general arrangement drawings.

What standard do all UK British drawings have to follow?

BS 8888
BS 8888 is the UK’s national framework standard for engineering drawings and geometrical tolerancing. It covers all of the requirements for the technical specification of products and their component parts. Among other things, it explains the way in which engineering drawings outline and present these specifications.

What is the BS 8888 standard?

BS 8888 defines the requirements for the technical specification of products and their component parts. The revised standard aims to help UK industry move over more fully to the ISO system of geometrical product specification, and is based on the ISO GPS system of product specification standards.

What are detail plans?

Detailed planning means the preparation of architectural and engineering documents up to the preliminary design stage, as defined in the Construction and Professional Services Manual of the Department of General Services.

Why are British standards important?

Standards play an important role in promoting productivity and efficiency, reducing costs, removing barriers to trade, and driving economic growth.

What is detail or part drawing?

a drawing, at relatively large scale, of a part of a building, machine, etc., with dimensions or other information for use in construction. Also called detail.