What is a two post rack?

What is a two post rack?

A 2-Post rack is most commonly used for IT equipment that is not very heavy such as patch panels, switches, etc. Often referred to as a telco rack or a relay rack, a 2-post rack has two vertical upright support beams. Sometimes 2-post racks need to be bolted into the floor in order to provide the required stability.

How wide is a 2 post rack?

Our 2 Post Telco Rack is also commonly called a relay rack or simply telco rack….Pricing while supplies last!

Rack Type 2 Post Rack (Telco Rack), Open Frame
Rack Outside Dimensions Footprint: Width x Depth 20.25″ (514.4 mm) x 15″ (381 mm)

What is a post rack?

A 2-Post rack, also known as a “Telco rack” or “relay rack,” is a type of equipment rack made of either aluminum or steel. These structures consist of two support beams that are vertically placed. These beams mostly find application in light IT types of equipment like switches.

What is 1U rack size?

Rack unit calculator grid:

Rack Units Height (in) Height (cm)
1U 1.75″ 4.4 cm
2U 3.5″ 8.9 cm
3U 5.25″ 13.3 cm
4U 7″ 17.8 cm

What is relay rack?

A Relay Rack is a 2 post aluminum or steel structure with either EIA standard (round) mounting holes or universal (square) mounting holes. Relay Racks are also called 2 Post Racks or Open Bay Racks. The vertical holes spacing on Relay Racks are standardized for mounting Telco, or computer / network equipment.

How big are racksolutions 2 post rack rails?

The RackSolutions 2 Post Rack Rails are designed to give users a durable, high-performance rail solution for standard 19″ server racks. As a result, the 2 Post Rack Rails are simultaneously durable and versatile.

Can a relay rack be used for a 2 post rack?

The standard rail kits can be used to install computing equipment in a two post server rack with the addition of a relay rack conversion kit. 2 Post Data Racks are manufactured using two different methods – the highest quality server rack posts are extruded. This means the aluminum is formed and not bent.

What do you call a two post telco rack?

Our 2 Post Telco Rack is also commonly called a relay rack or simply telco rack. Two post racks are primarily used to install communication and network equipment. Computing equipment can be installed in 2post server racks with the use of specialized rail kits. These rail kits allow the equipment to be installed in…

Are there nuts for 2 post rack rails?

The 2 Post Rack Rails ship with screws, cage nuts and nuts for all rack types, easing installation and ensuring users have all the hardware they need to assemble the server storage solution. We found other products you might like!