What is a TSC printer?

What is a TSC printer?

TSC Printronix Auto ID is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative thermal printing solutions. TSC Auto ID offers budget-friendly desktop printers to high-performance industrial solutions including rugged mobile printers.

Which barcode printer is the best?

Top 10 Barcode Label Printers [2021 Best Sellers]

  • Comparison Of Top Barcode Label Printers.
  • #1) DYMO Label Printer.
  • #2) Rollo Label Printer.
  • #3) MUNBYN Thermal Label Printer.
  • #4) Brother QL-1100 Wide Format.
  • #5) Phomemo-M110 Label Printer.
  • #6) ZEBRA GK420d Direct Thermal Desktop Printer.
  • #7) Epson LabelWorks LW-400 Label Maker.

How do I add a TSC printer?

Place the TSC software CD disk in your PC or laptop’s CD drive and then click “Windows Driver Setup” on the AutoRun screen. The DriverWizard will be start and will display the model number of the identified printer. Follow the Wizard to complete the TSC driver installation.

How do I check warranty on TSC printer?

TSC Authorized Service Center, Call – 09810822688 or Mail – [email protected]

  1. Websites: Visit: https://www.tscprinters.com/
  2. For Drivers: Visit: https://support.tscprintersindia.com/driver-download.
  3. For Software: Visit: https://support.tscprintersindia.com/software-download.
  4. For Data Sheet:

Who makes TSC printers?

30 Years in the Making In January 1991, Arthur Wang, founder and CEO of Taiwan Semiconductor, recognized the need for a reliable but low-cost barcode label printer and launched TSC into the auto identification and capture (AIDC) industry.

How do I change the print speed?

Using Speed & Progress You can make certain print speed settings in the Speed & Progress dialog box. To access this dialog box, click Speed & Progress on your printer software’s Utility menu.

Can I print barcodes on my printer?

You can use standard desktop inkjet or laser printers to make barcode labels on label sheets or use thermal printers that print barcode labels onto label rolls. Here’s a closer look at how you can use these types of printers to print your barcode labels.

What is the price of barcode printer?

Top Selling Barcode Printers Price List in India

Latest Barcode Printers Models Expected Price
Kores Endura 2801 Barcode Label Printer ₹8897
Pegasus BP420 Black Barcode Label Printer ₹10168
Godex G500U USB Series Barcode Printer ₹11016
Godex G500UP USB & Parallel Ethernet Barcode Printer ₹11609

How do I download a TSC printer driver?

TSC Service Center, Call – 09810822688 or Mail – [email protected]

  1. Websites: Visit: https://www.tscprinters.com/
  2. For Drivers: Visit: https://supportcenter.indianbarcode.com/download-drivers.
  3. For Software: Visit: https://supportcenter.indianbarcode.com/download-software.
  4. For Data Sheet:

How do I connect my BarTender to my printer?


  1. Accept the license agreement.
  2. Determine Installation Directory (default is recommended)
  3. Confirm UAC Screen.
  4. Seagull Driver Wizards screen appears, select “Install printer drivers” radio button.
  5. Select the proper connection type in the Connect Printer screen.

What TSC means?


Acronym Definition
TSC Technology Service Corporation
TSC Tactical Support Center
TSC Teaching Support Centre
TSC Thermally Stimulated Current

What is the full form of TSC?

TSC Full Form

Full Form Category Term
Transaction Service Charge Accounts and Finance TSC
True Stranded Costs Accounts and Finance TSC
Thermal Sonic Cavitator Space Science TSC
Test Setup Complete Space Science TSC

When do I get my printer cartridges from Tse?

We Deliver Countrywide! Quality products at competitive prices! As part of our efforts to achieve 100% customer satisfaction 100% of the time, we offer a delivery service country wide. In the Johannesburg and Pretoria area, orders placed before 12:00 noon are delivered the following day.

What kind of thermal transfer printer does Te use?

TE’s T3212 and T3224 robust thermal transfer printers can work around the clock in industrial surroundings, producing high-definition (300 or 600dpi) print on various types of TE products. T6112DS A robust 24 hour duty cycle, 300dpi double print head, thermal transfer printer, with the capability of double sided printing.

Can a Te printer Print on a TE label?

Our identification printers have a minimum 300dpi print head. These are also capable of marking a broad range of products used in commercial and industrial environments. All our printers are specially designed to print on a wide range of TE Connectivity (TE) labels, cable markers and identification marker sleeves.

How does tsprint server create its own virtual printer?

TSPrint Server installation creates its own virtual printers. Print job is converted to a file format which works smoothly on all printer types. Print job is additionally compressed to reduce its size and tunneled through your remote desktop connection. TSPrint Client installation receives the print job and prints the file on a local printer.

What is lam in TB?