What is a trail challenge?

What is a trail challenge?

The AQHA Trail Challenge is a judged course that tests a horse and rider’s ability to work as a partnership and navigate obstacles they might experience on a trail. Each horse and rider team starts out with a value of 70 points and then gains or loses points depending on their ability to navigate the course.

What is AQHA Ranch Trail?

Ranch Trail The horse will be asked to walk, trot and lope during the pattern, and mandatory obstacles include riding over obstacles (such as logs), passing through a gate, backing, riding over a bridge, sidepassing and dragging (open and amateur only).

What do you wear to a showmanship class?

Showing Off in Showmanship Again, well-fitting clothes and a well-shaped hat should be the norm, according to our judges, but they warn to pay attention to the length of your pants. “My pet peeve—pants that are too short!

What is versatility ranch horse?

The Versatility Ranch Horse competition promotes the athletic ability and versatility of the American Quarter Horse as demonstrated in six classes – ranch riding, ranch trail, ranch reining, ranch cow work, ranch cutting and ranch conformation. There are divisions for open, amateur, cowboy and youth.

What is ranch horsemanship?

Ranch Riding is a relatively new pattern class of riding, where the riding style of horse and rider is smooth and efficient as if they were working on a ranch.

What do you wear for western pleasure?

WESTERN PLEASURE Chaps; blouse or slinky top, with or without vest or short jacket; gloves; western hat; western boots; belt and buckle. Color coordinate clothing with horse and saddle blanket. Same for local/ regional level. More elaborategarments with rhinestones, sequins, beads, fancy trims appropriate.

How long should showmanship pants be?

Keep this rule of thumb in mind when checking hem length: You want your show pants hemmed long, covering as much of your boot heel as possible. Don’t hem your pants so long that they drag the arena footing, though, as they may get dusty or muddy.